Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chat 135

Everyday Ruralty 
Hello friends! I had some folks join the chat after being gone for a while. It's great to see them here. Wendell loves all of his friends. I miss you when you're gone.

Today felt like a summer day. The grass is plentiful and Wendell is grazing like crazy. He told me to tell you he'd see you next week. He said this with a mouthful, so I'm guessing that this:
"Ptell-thin-I-werrl-mith=thim-chomp-chomp-berry- mooch-chomp-chomp"
means: "Tell them I will miss them very much.: Chomp-chomp needs no explanation!

  1. What are you doing for Easter?
  2. How many spring flowers have you noticed the last week or so?
  3. What was your favorite thing in an Easter basket, or as dessert at Easter dinner?
  4. If you were a dog, what kind would you be?
  5. What are your favorite pizza toppings?
My answers, without the help of the big horse:
  1. Having a nice dinner with our family. Of course, church.
  2. I have seem daffodils, tulips, violets, flowering trees, and some crocus.
  3. I used to love the sugared egg shapes that had tiny scenes inside. I liked the taste of the chocolate bunnies, but the sugared eggs were such fun to look at.
  4. I would be a Great Pyrenees. If the fluffy hair wasn't enough, being tall and fair would work. They also work very hard and that's me.
  5. I love turkey sausage(because I'm allergic to pork) and mushrooms. Oops- have to have extra cheese. What's life without extra cheese?! Chomp-chomp!                                                            

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 134

Everyday Ruralty 
Good Morning! Welcome top the porch. I'm sorry I didn't visit anyone this week. I have been experiencing computer issues again. iPads just cannot do the same things. One day I'll get this fixed for good.
Here are pur questions for this week:
  1.  What has kept you busy lately?
  2. Are you making or creating anything?
  3. What are you really hungry for right now?
  4. What song has stuck in your head lately?
  5. If I could celebrate my upcoming birthday with you, what would we do?
My answers(Wendell's too):
  1. Trying to clear this house of clutter. Sewing window quilts and curtains for three doors with glass panes. Cooking, cooking, laundry, laundry.Eating!
  2. I have been altering some clothes for family and sewing. I am creating a bigger belly by eating!
  3. Cheesecake Carrots
  4. A song called Deliver Me by Audry Assad. The love song to carrots.
  5. Leave Wendell at home! Ouch! You wound my little heart!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Daughter's April Fools Joke

D3 presented what's in the picture to one of our employees after lunch. It was covered in foil and we told him she had baked something.
What is it?

Brown E's, of course!
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