Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chat 149

Everyday Ruralty 
 Saved you a place on the porch swing. :)

Greetings to all of you wonderful people, who drop by to visit with Wendell, the Wonder Horse, and me. I often wish we could really sit on the porch and visit. I'll sit on your porch and visit, Patrice. I will see if I can get my Wendell weight into one of your benches. Oh, Wendell!  I think you are to big to sit on my benches. Can you just stand in the yard, just off the porch?Do I still get iced tea? Yes, but I didn't know you liked iced tea. I don't. Then  why did you ask me about iced tea? Because I need a glass of iced tea. When I spill it all over you, you'll have to go into the kitchen to clean it up. That's where the carrots live. You will then bring some out to me. I will? Why? You just spilled iced tea on me. (Intentionally, I may add.) I'm glad you can add, Patrice. Now go get my iced tea. Please? Yes, please.

D2 did a portrait of Wendell. I'll show you. It's watercolor and colored pencil.
Look at that handsome horse!

Look at the detail. You can see each hair.

This is the part that shows the muscles in the base of his neck.

I cannot wait to get a mat and get this framed. She probably put about 16 hours of work on this project. She did a family portrait for a friend and it took over 100 hours. It helps that she loves what she's doing.
Today's Questions:

  1. Other than those who live in your home, who's the last person who came to your front door?
  2. Do you have many photos around your home?
  3. Do you like mint? Is there a favorite type of mint for you? How do you enjoy it?
  4. Do you enjoy your own parties and other times with guests, or are you so busy working...?
  5. What do you want to be when you grow up more? Job, hobby, self improvement, etc.
My answers:
  1. A man with a goat on a leash. A stranger who lives down the road. He found the goat in his front yard and thought it might be ours. Fortunately, hubby came along and knew who owned it.
  2. Yes. I will have more, when we finish this prolonged renovation project.
  3. I like mint. My favorite is Wintergreen, but I like mint best in ice cream with chocolate chips. I don't think that is Wintergreen, but it's good!
  4. It makes me happy that people enjoy themselves. I work non-stop and seldom relax. I am so used to cooking professionally, that I can't make myself a "guest" too. But, the "grub" is quite good at my place. (read=food) I'm genuinely happy when my guests are.
  5. I'm working on that. I have some very loved hobbies- art and writing. I also have a huge interest in holistic health. I was going to go back to school to get a MS in Nutrition, but that rich uncle (who doesn't exist) hasn't put me in his will. I guess you could say "Where there is no will, there is a way." I'll need to find a way.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Time to Chat #148

Everyday Ruralty 

Hello from our farm. What a lovely day! Today, we are having a day that makes me think of spring. This morning was cool and lovely. I think it was the reward for a stormy night. We did manage to get some rain last night. Too late for about a third of our corn crop. Between drought, and run away sheep who like to dine in our market garden, it has been challenging lately. To say the least. New fences are going up, but he sheep will probably sprout wings and learn to fly. It's that magnetic attraction to the garden.

Here are our questions for this week:

  1. D3 is facing wisdom teeth removal. Have you ad your wisdom teeth removed? 
  2. Today Wendell is serving iced tea, iced coffee, and carrot juice. He wants me to ask you which you'd prefer.
  3. If you use a crock pot, do you have a favorite recipe? If not, what is your favorite, easy "go to" recipe?
  4. Do you prefer to wash dishes by hand or dishwasher? Yes, I know some of us probably don't like dish washing. Wendell flat out refuses!
  5. What are you looking forward to?
My answers:
  1. Nope. I still have them ,but I am no wiser for it. :P
  2. I know he would probably only give a thimble full of carrot juice, so I'll take the iced tea. A friend posted on FB that she stopped for a frozen hot chocolate this morning. That sounds promising!
  3. I have a beef and wild rice dish that is so easy in the crock pot. I also like to use it for chili, and soups in cooler weather. The crock pot is much better than heating up the house with the oven.
  4. Dishwasher!
  5. I am looking forward to fall. When we get past July 4th, I figure that the summer is at least halfway over. I love fall so much. I am not a summer person, but I am taking advantage of all the fruits and vegetables by canning, freezing, and dehydrating. I just made some peach/cherry jam this morning. The sweet/tart thing going on with that flavor is amazing! It's also pretty with the small pieces of orange colored peach in the reddish jam.
Have a lovely week!
Send carrots!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Front Porch Chat 147

Everyday Ruralty 
Hello! You are such faithful chatters! It makes me happy to see you participate in this chat, after 146 chats. That's a lot of talking. I appreciate all of your patience and understanding as I do not always comment. Frankly, I'm swamped. I guess many of you understand how life can be overwhelming sometimes. I care about my chat friends. Thank you for standing by me.

I know many areas got some of the storm last week, but we have been bone dry until last night. It's sad to see an entire field of corn shrivel up. We got some rain last night and are expecting some this evening. Unfortunately, it often comes with rumbling in the sky, which sends a small, paranoid dog of ours off the deep end. She is terrified of storms. Fourth of July was bad enough, but weather is a constant. Too be so afraid. Sad :(. I had a perspective last week. I saw something on Facebook about respecting combat veterans with fireworks. I cannot imagine what someone with Post Traumatic Stress must feel when they hear fireworks. A person's home should be their refuge, not a reminder of war. Just saying...

 Today's Questions:

  1. Do you like cucumbers? Is there a favorite way for you to prepare them?
  2. How good a housekeeper are you?
  3. Please finish this: To spend a day____________would be amazing!
  4. How do you handle times when you are "down" or "blue"( depressed )?
  5. Have you started using essential oils, since they have become so popular?
My answers: (Wait a minute, Patrice! I get to answer, too. You know the folks come here for a weekly dose of Wendell. Don't you?) Mr.Smarty Pants will be answering today too!
  1. I never used to like cucumbers, unless they were pickled. That has all changed. We started growing white cucumbers. They are so mild and flavorful. I really like them. Our greenhouse manager keeps a big pitcher of cold water, with sliced cucumbers in the refrigerator. The guys swear by it for re-hydrating. Whoa is me! (lol) I never get any cucumbers. I lead a sheltered life!
  2. Pathetic! But, boy can I cook! I would help my friend Patrice with housekeeping. I will clean out the refrigerator! 
  3. Working on art, with no "gotta do" chasing my conscience would be amazing. I would like to spend a day dressed up as a carrot. I'd be stunning!
  4. I'm still working on that one. I guess in one answer, I could say "pray". When I am down, I get up. I mosey over to the feed trough and I am instantly happy. Patrice should try that one day! However, she will have to get her own feed trough. I'm not sharing! 
  5. I have tried a few samples. I would like to learn more about them. I refuse to be part of that! They do not have carrot oil! Oh, no! Did you know that oil doesn't work well with a saddle? Hey. Patrice. Do you want to try that? Then you can practice getting up. Such a good and faithful horse with such good ideas...

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