Thursday, November 13, 2014


We have a small group of piglets that like to venture away from momma pig when during daylight hours. They will only go so far from their momma=dinner. I have a habit of squealing the word "PIGGIES" in a very high pitched tone whenever I see them out and about. Here is what usually happens.
 The piglets are peacefully eating leftover sweet potatoes in the field. Then I yell "PIGGIES"

 They all start running.

 Some even run like rabbits.
 The running slows to an indifferent walk.
And it always ends with them standing together. They always look as though they'd say, "What just happened?"

I do this at least once a day. Sometimes I do it multiple times a day. It always goes the exact same way. Once they are weaned and given a pasture of their own, they will just look at me and ask where there food is. No more piggie runs. I guess I might as well enjoy it while I still can.


  1. How cute! I love little piggies. We had a couple of pigs/hogs when I was a teenager. I tried not to get too attached to Lenny and Squiggy because I knew what Daddy had planned for them. Didn't work. I would make a horrible critter-for-food farmer. Can you imagine a kill-free bacon farm? Not commercially viable, I'm guessing. :)

    I'm so glad to see you posting again. Have a blessed day!

  2. I once saw a whole huge field of piggies racing around and it remains one of my fondest memories :-).

  3. They're so cute! I love the one where they're running like rabbits! :)

  4. LOL - little piggies are so darn cute!! I would do it several times a day, too!

  5. Patrice, good to see you back on-line and enjoyed the piggy story. I'd call my sheepie, sheepie, sheppie...and they'd come running. Why should we chase something that has 2 more legs? Doesn't make good sense, eh?

  6. So stinkin' cute! You make farm life seem like a dream life!


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