Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chat 145

Everyday Ruralty 
I cannot believe that we are on Chat 145. That's a lot of talking. I want to thank all of you who have stuck by me with the chat. I am not always on time getting it posted. My office job on the farm has taken far more time than I ever imagined. Again, thanks.

We had a lovely party for my second oldest daughter last Saturday. The barn was decked out in twinkle lights. An old ladder was decorated, and pictures were hung from baler twine between the rungs. We set up a photo booth, with props, for folks to take pictures. Here's my menu, in case anyone might be curious. It was a buffet dinner with real plates and silverware. The only disposable product I used was paper napkins. It meant a lot of dishes, but it looked so much nicer.

Oh, the menu:
Mango Chicken Salad with a light curry dressing
Beef, Mushrooms, and cranberries with thyme
New potatoes, boiled, with butter
Lightly steamed asparagus, with a vinegarette dressing
Zucchini "boats" stuffed with fresh basil mousse
Kohlrabi/Apple cole slaw
a huge green salad with homemade french and honey mustard dressings
Oven roasted sweet potatoes
Lightly braised fresh carrots and leeks
Dessert: chocolate cupcakes, zucchini cupcake with caramel frosting, and a fresh banana cake
Beverages: Peach iced tea, ice water with lemon slices, a punch of strawberry lemon-aid with a big fruit ring floating. (We used the quilted canning jars as glasses!

Most of this was grown on our farm. Everything was gluten free and organic. Plus, I cooked an extra dinner for some folks with severe allergies. 

Now, the long version of what happened with that lovely dinner. It was served and folks loved it. Behind the scenes- I got up at 5am (party at 6pm) to start cooking. I started as many of the things that took longer. As I was walking by the kitchen window, I glanced out and said to my self "Oh, look. There are the sheep. I really like our sheep." Then reality set in. They were not supposed to be outside of our kitchen window. D4 and I put them back in their pasture and had to fix a fence. The entire rest of the morning, one thing or another got out. It's very hard to cook when you are being a farmer. The rest of the crew was at the farmers market! Thankfully, my sisters showed up three hours early for the party. I was so backed up! You cannot ignore run away animals. Thirty five people for dinner aren't easy to ignore either. Thank God for my wonderful sisters.  

Photos will be posted soon. I'm waiting for a friend to send an amazing picture of our barn with twinkle lights.
Our Chat Questions:

  1. What do you think you would have liked most from my menu?
  2. Have you ever had an interesting experience with serving dinner guests?
  3. What's your favorite beverage, this summer?
  4. Do you ever have bouquets of fresh flowers in your home?
  5. Tell me something interesting. Please.
My answers:
  1. Dessert! I also love the beef dish.
  2. I have served hundreds at work, but I know of a chef who had a skunk come through the doggie door while he was preparing a meal for a dinner party.
  3. I'm into lemon, stevia, and sparkling mineral water.
  4. I am fortunate to often have flowers. We have a sweet flower vendor at the marker who often send them home.
  5. Serving a party in a barn is challenging. Using real dishes makes it harder, but I was determined. Between the prep dishes, serving pieces, and dinner pieces, I did 10 dishwasher loads over the next 24+ hours. Yes, paper plates would have been easier, and probably cheaper. My years in catering, there was always someone else to wash the dishes, or they were sent back to a rental place. 
Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!


  1. The menu looks amazing. I would love any of it. The mango chicken salad would be perfect for summer weather.
    I should be back to blogging soon. I am still traveling with Bill. We get home July 2.
    I will be back then! Hugs.

  2. All the dishes you had at the party seem great!
    I am looking forward to seeing the photos.

  3. The menu is wonderful. Sounds absolutely delicious!

  4. The sweet potatoes would definitely be my favorite.

  5. everything on the menu sounds YUMMY hard to choose just one, can't wait for the pics. Thank you for hosting this fun hop.

  6. Sounds like a perfect party and everything on the menu sounds delicious.

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  8. Just yesterday I saw plastic (melamine, probably) plates at Target that were designed to look just like plain white paper plates! LOL I thought a set of those would make an awesome gift!

  9. Ah, yes. Behind the scenes. Nobody ever thinks of what all goes on behind the scenes. And then they wonder why the heck you're so tired by the time the event rolls around. LOL I can't wait to see the pictures! As for the menu, I went with the desserts. But, if you're the cook, I'll have some of everything!

  10. I answered the questions in a blog post, but I'm thinking about your proper plates v paper plates. I know paper plates make things easier, but I REALLY dislike eating off them. (I'm gonna make a confession here .... I've served food on paper plates for others at BBQs and get-togethers here, but have sneaked a china plate out of the cupboard for myself :D ) .... Does that make me a mean hostess?? ;)
    Anne x


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