Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chat 143

Everyday Ruralty 
Hello, friends! Thanks for visiting Wendell and me on the porch today. It's a beautiful day. I think it's the perfect day for some iced tea. We have a farmers market stand near a man who sells tea. He learned to mix tea leaves and make a variety of blends. Apparently, much of his training was in Asia. His teas are amazing. I came home from working the market with a Cream Earl Grey and a Long Island Strawberry tea. I know I'm supposed to be making money at the market, not spending it. Vendors give other vendors a discount sometimes, so that can be nice.

I posted something about a Christian friend who has recently released some songs that he wrote. His singing is incredible! In that post, I have a drawing for anyone who help me spread the word about this great music by posting. I hope you will consider doing this. Here is the link to that post. The prize is a surprise! Join in and post, please.


  1. Do you have a vegetable garden this year? Have you in previous years?
  2. What is your computer sitting on right now? Desk, dining room table, lap...
  3. Do you go shorter with your hair in the summer?
  4. Are you an early top bed person, or a night owl?
  5. Tell me something funny. I'll tell you something funny too. :)
My answers:
  1. That's what we do for a living. We have a small house garden too, and our specialty there is weeds. :P
  2. My husband's desk.
  3. I'm in the mood to hack it all off right now, but I generally do not go shorter just because it's summer.
  4. I love getting to bed early, but my work often goes to 11:00 or so. Besides, I love the house when everyone else is asleep and I have "me" time.
  5. My husband was working on creative writing yesterday. I came in and turned on the computer, but decided not to do anything else. I was not sure if he'd saved his work. A while later, D4 called for me to see what the cat was doing. L.O. (the cat) was at the computer. She had typed "ones" all the way across page one. On page two she typed "qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq". At first I panicked that she had done something to my husband's writing, but I found out that it was still in tact and she had just added ones to the first page and q's to a new page. She looked so confused when we took her off the desk. Does 1q mean that the cat had a question? Oh, good point, Wendell!
Have a great week!


  1. I guess then you grow plenty of carrots for Wendell.
    I love the stillness of the morning. Everyone asleep and my coffee in hand...relaxing me time.
    Hope you got a pictures of L.O at the computer that would be great fun!
    Also hope that the weather is cooperating with your gardening. We are so wet and cool right now that I don't know when the tomatoes will ever get ripe.

  2. LOVED the funny story about your cat at the computer! :)

  3. Too funny about the cat typing up a paper!

  4. Hi Patrice, it's been a long time.... I feel bad even asking if I can gatecrash your porch get-togethers, having been away for so long. I may just be getting the blogging bug back, and would love to start our weekly chat again.

    I'll bring cake. Or chocolate..... Am I welcome to join again? ;)

    Anne x

  5. I have a garden, but I think I am growing more weeds, in the cucumber area, than actual cucumbers.

  6. LOL you could probably get your cat to help you type out your next chat blog post.

    Thanks for hosting :)

  7. That is funny about the kitty!!! my kitty used to lay right on top of my keyboard, making it very difficult to type anything. Love growing a garden
    thanks for this fun hop....and hands Wendell a nice handful of nice fresh carrots

  8. A typing cat?? Now that is funny.

  9. I love that a garden is your business! Do you sell at a farmer's market? And I love that your cat was typing. My parent's cat has done that several times. Thanks for hosting again!

  10. I actually gave up on the veggie garden this year and went with flowers. They are growing quite nicely. I am having organic veggies delivered by a local CSA instead. It was just getting too frustrating. We have to catch up! I want to hear all about the girls and Wendell and YOU!


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