Friday, May 2, 2014

How could there be this much adorableness?

D3 bought a baby horse. Not a newborn baby, but a little fellow who is a year old (on her birthday). This is the really interesting thing- Molly, D3's show horse shares her birthday (month, day, and year). Now she has this cute little guy with the same month and day for his birthday, Isn't it funny how things happen sometimes?

Soak up some of the cuteness here and it will make you smile today.


  1. He looks like he is going to be a real nice looking fella! Hope Wendell isn't the jealous sort!

  2. What a handsome guy, Wendell needs to watch out, he might lose his throne of adorableness to him.

  3. Such a sweet looking yearling! That birthday business....sounds like it's just supposed to be.

  4. It did make me precious! And, love all the date sharing!


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