Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chat 141

Everyday Ruralty 
Hello, friends! I took my youngest to see the Celtic Women in concert last night. It was an amazing show. If they are ever in your area, I would recommend getting a ticket. My favorite is the "fiddler", Mairead. She must put in ten miles for each show. She was all over the stage and never looked tired. I was tired just watching her. :)

Our crops are coming in and the farm is in full swing! The weather has been more like July lately. Wendell wants frozen carrots.


  1. What is your favorite berry?
  2. If you had the choice of a picnic or a sit down dinner, which would you choose?
  3. How is your handwriting? Fancy, plain, legible, doctor-like?
  4. Do you prefer a desk top computer, laptop, or tablet?
  5. Tell me something interesting, please.
My answers:
  1. I love- no LOVE- raspberries. All berries are tops on my list, but they are a particular favorite.
  2. Sit down dinner, with incredible food. :)
  3. My handwriting is easy to read. It all looks the same. I took the old fashioned penmanship in school, but I've changed it to my own style over the years. I always note when I see a lovely handwriting. It makes letters pretty.
  4. Any of the above would be fine, but I'm quite fond of laptops.
  5. I told you about the Celtic Women concert. It doesn't get more interesting than that.


  1. Loved your questions this week, Patrice! Had fun with them. The Celtic Women concert did sound marvelous!

  2. I like lively Celtic music, and the concert sounds interesting.

  3. I enjoy Celtic music too! Yes, fun questions. Inspired me to have a picnic! :)

  4. I wonder what Wendell's handwriting is like :)

    Thanks for hosting, have a great week.

  5. Raspberries are my second favorite berry. A very close second.

    and I would love to see Celtic Women in concert! That IS interesting!

  6. I have seen Celtic women on PBS and would love to see them in person. I love all things Celtic and was a fan of RiverDance back in the day.

  7. So glad you had such a good time at the concert. Great questions this week. Hope the rest of your week is awesome!

  8. I need a full on computer with a nice desk and comfy chair.

  9. the Celctic Women were here in Tulsa, I was really wanting to go glad it was fun!!! love the questions this week


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