Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chat 137 Oops! I'm late.

Everyday Ruralty 
Would you believe I drove to the city yesterday and then remembered this? So sorry. Wendell is angry with me for forgetting a chat. He said we could negotiate with carrots. We are having a lot of raindrops today. The ones yesterday made a fair share of mud, so it will be even more interesting after today.

  1. Would you rather drive or be driven?
  2. If you had your choice of a shiny new BMW with no conveniences inside, or an older model Ford or Chevy with everything one could want for comfort and convenience inside, which would you choose?
  3. Do you eat many vegetables?
  4. If you could blink your eyes and make a change to your body, face, hair, or nails, what would you change?
  5. Please finish this sentence. "Goody! Someone just gave me two hundred dollars and I must spend it doing something enjoyable today. I'm going to___________________."
My answers: (Wendell's too)
  1. I'd always rather drive. I like to ride. Patrice won't let me drive.
  2. I'd take the older one that's more comfortable. I would like a carrot colored BMW with a sky roof, so I could stick my head out.
  3. Tons! Yes. Horses are vegamatarians.
  4. I would have my skin improve. Way too dry and too many lines. No, I'm perfect already!
  5. Drive to a local beach and watch the waves. Then I would go to a favorite art store and buy lots of goodies. I would drive to the local grocery store, hook a cart to a harness and venture to the produce aisle. There would not be a carrot or apple left when I checked out. I would also buy Patrice a chocolate bar. I love her, even if she forgot the chat yesterday. Awww. <blush>


  1. 1 either one I really don't care
    2 older everytime
    3 in the summer yes winter not as much as I should
    4 hear full of hair
    5 rent a boat and go fishing

  2. Patrice...Thank you for not letting Wendell drive. Your #5 answer sounds like a lovely day. I miss the ocean.

  3. thanks for hosting! i kind of like these on Wednesday :)

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who forget!
    I love my fresh veggies!

  5. I agree with Eloquent Obi....I kinda like the chats on Wednesday, too!!! HOPE the rest of your week is awesome!!!

  6. I like the term "vegamatarians"...cute. haha

    I think that it might add some excitement to one's day to see a horse driving!

    Have a great week, Patrice!

  7. Love your answers, Wendell. (wink)--I will post mine tomorrow and come back here to link. Blessings


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