Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chat 131

Everyday Ruralty 
Hi! I think I should be worried. I turned on my computer the other day and smoke starting coming out of the plug and ports. I made a rattling sound, between sounds that I associate with something shorting out (buzz, buzz, zap). Needless to say, I'm not happy. I just got it fixed in January.I'm on a borrowed laptop.

It's all white outside. This is day two of snow. It was just sixty degrees a few days ago. Hello, spring! Are you lost?

I spoke to a group about being a chef, the other day. It went really well. I ended my talk with a list of Murphy's Law things and they really liked it.

I'm having a problem with the link for this. If you do not see it at the bottom of this post, you can include your URL (web address for your blog). Hopefully, the thing will work when this post goes live. Thanks for your patience.

  1. What are your favorite condiments?
  2. What are you reading?
  3. What was the last dessert you had?
  4. Wendell would like to know if you would build him a snowman. (If you don't have snow, just pretend. He's not detail oriented.)
  5. Tell me something fun or interesting.
My answers:
  1. I have always loved ketchup (catsup). I have always wondered why there are two spellings. I also like dijon and honey mustards. Mayo is good too, but I'm having trouble finding one that is without soy and not GMO.
  2. I am reading Longbourn by Jo Baker. It is the servant side of Pride and Prejudice. So far, I really like it. I'm only about a sixth of the way through.
  3. I had oatmeal-raisin cookies a few days ago.
  4. I think this question is funny, because I know he only wants top rob the poor snowman of his nose! :)
  5. We cleaned house in the panic mode for pop up company yesterday. They never came inside. That might be considered Murphy's Law.


  1. I always write my answers before I read anybody else's. I find it funny we both had the same thought about the nose. I am going to make cookies tonight, but mine are oatmeal chocolate chip. I love those.

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  3. I am ready to make a snowman for Wendell, and I wondered why he wants a snowman. Then I read your answer, and now I know why.

  4. So funny you mentioned what you did on 1. I don't eat mustard, but I am trying to find one as well. I found some with olive oil, but they also have soy. I have found some safflower oil, but also soy. I would make it myself if we ate more of it. My favorite condiment would be ketchup or barbecue sauce (another difficult one to find without garbage).

    I actually don't have much time to read. If I do read, it's usually a devotion.

    I had chocolate chip cookies with salted caramel ice cream.

    How you doing Patrice? It's been a while, right? Hah.

  5. Your answer to #5 is so funny....I do the same thing and have had that result before. I would never build a real snowman any more, too cold.

  6. Soooo, Wendell wants the snowman for his nose only. I should have seen that one coming. He's really going to be disappointed with my snowman. Don't you just hate it when you have pop up company? I would never do that to anyone. I always call first, even if I'm visiting family. That's just the polite and considerate thing to do. Happy, happy Tuesday!

  7. Our house gets a cleaning when company is coming as well, Everyone pitches in. Have a good day and I hope your computer gets fixed soon.

  8. Your No. 5 cracked me up. Happens to me all the time LOL.

    Thanks for hosting. Love the questions.

  9. Hopefully, I can answer on my blog next week...still getting caught up after being away for five weeks!!
    1. mustard or honey
    2. In between books!
    3. a mint Moon Pie
    4. I would do anything for Wendell!
    5. I survived trucking...again, and hope to get back to blogging basics

  10. I'm sorry that you're still having such trouble with your computer. :( I hope that somehow either yours will start working again and play nice or that you're able to get a brand new one very soon.

    Have a great week!


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