Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Chat? Yes. Chat 127

Everyday Ruralty

She lives! Hello, friends. Thank you for the good wishes. I am still recovering, but I see improvement. The rest of the family is doing better too. Wendell is sick of the snow. He said, "If God meant for me to be a white horse, he would have made me one." Now, mind you, Wendell won't go under shelter during a snow storm. He has a nice snug place to go and lots of fresh hay. Perhaps he thinks this is his winter sport.

  1. Have you been watching the Olympics?
  2. Does the grey winter affect your moods?
  3. When was the last time you held a baby?
  4. Do you do a thorough spring cleaning each year?
  5. Please tell Wendell a bedtime story. He asked. I said I'd ask you.If you don't feel that creative, tell him a favorite book you think he might like. please:)
My answers:
  1. I started watching them, but I actually wish they were shown earlier. I like hearing how we are doing though.
  2. Yes and yes. Come on spring!
  3. Over two years. I love babies.
  4. Not as thorough as I should. I have been stuck in this house so much more this winter, so I think I will be ready to get it in order as soon as I can open some windows. I'm inspired!
  5. Dear sleepy Wendell- Once upon a time there was a handsome horse. (Don't interrupt! I'm talking about another horse. What do you mean, "What horse?" No, I do not have a new horse. No, dear, you have not been replaced. Wendell, I'm sure he is nowhere near as handsome as you. Can I get on with the story? Okay.) The handsome horse was riding happily through the woods.(I don't think it was your woods. It's a story, Wen. I don't know why he was so happy. I don't think you have ever been there. Can I continue? Okay.) All of a sudden he heard a loud noise. (If you let me finish you'll find out what the noise was. I don't think it eats horses. I don't know if he was scared, Of course you would not be. Can I finish? Ok? Okay!) The horse saw a small bird on a branch nearby. (No Wendell, I don't think it was a vulture. No. It did not eat the horse.No, we do not have any of those in our woods. May I continue? Ok?) The bird told the horse a very special secret. (Oh, no. If you wait, you can find out what the secret is. I don't know if it had anything to do with carrots. Would you just let me tell this story without interrupting!!!! Yes. I'm shouting! Now hush!) The bird told the handsome horse that he had a special gift that no other horse had.( No it wasn't a birthday present. Not a Christmas present. I don't know why other horses didn't get any. How do I know if it was wrapped? Maybe it wasn't actually a gift, but a talent. I don't know if the horse opened the gift. I have no idea if he got a paper cut from the wrapping. Did he put the bow on the top of his head? I DO NOT KNOW! Wendell! You are maddening! Go to bed. The story is over.) The end. (No, Wendell. It isn't a cliffhanger. It's over. What do you mean I'm a horrible storyteller?I do not make up incomplete plots. My characters aren't lacking dimension. I am not ADD. Good night horsey boy!)


  1. Wendell..go to bed, stay inside the barn where it is warm. --thanks Patrice, I will partake in your chat in a few minutes. Blessings

  2. I am glad to hear that you are getting better.
    The day is getting longer and spring is coming.

  3. Oopsy, I linked up twice! Sorry about that. BTW, I just found out Judy H-J's Thoughts passed away and it seems she may have linked up with the Farmhouse chats. Anywho, I just wanted to pass this bit of info on to anyone who has been wondering why she hasn't been around in Blogosphere. All I know is that she died in December. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I loved your story to Wendell. He's such a silly horse full of questions very much like a child. lol Thanks for hosting the fun on your farmhouse porch!

  4. I just realized this morning that spring is just weeks away. For now, it's still looking very much like the middle of winter though.

    Thanks for hosting, glad you're feeling better :)

  5. I can't wait for Spring!! This winter has been rough.
    I haven't watched the Olympics, but I don't mind hearing how well the athletes are doing.

  6. I am glad you are feeling a little better. Tell Wendell he had better appreciate our stories or no carrots.

  7. Soooo glad you're alive, if not totally well!!! We're having days of warm temps and sunshine....yes, sunshine....I've so missed sunshine!!! ;-) HOPE the rest of your week is great!!!

  8. Haha loved the last answer/question!
    God bless

  9. glad you're feeling better; late to the party but here.

  10. Hi, Patrice! I have a story for Wendell over at my place.

  11. Love Wendell's bed time story. Check mine out at Mamaw's Place. I am so ready for spring. It was pretty here yesterday and now today it is pouring the rain and thunderstorms.

  12. I'm sorry that you've been sick. I hope that you're all completely well soon.

    I love babies, too. :)

    Have a great weekend!


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