Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Recent Fall Crafts

I made a few crafts last week to help decorate the barn for our Open Farm Day. It was fun and they added to the festivities. They were very easy to make.
I covered a wire wreath that I found at a local thrift shop. Two of these 
looked wonderful on the big barn doors.
My daughter made the roses from a tutorial on Pinterest. Just type in "burlap roses".
She enjoyed making them enough to have these extra roses. We used them
in the middle of our buffet table. There is a linen napkin wrapping the
pipe cleaner stems (hiding them).
I have a huge supply of antique half gallon Ball canning jars. When I saw
real leaves attached to a canning jar on Pinterest, I knew I had to do it.
I bought the gloss Modge Podge. I used electric candles in the bottom.
The votive size were way too small. Next time I will look for bigger ones.
I painted green metallic dots between the leaves to add more shine. I really like the way the glass looks
shiny- almost wet. These looked great hanging on shepherd's hooks outside and on a table inside when it got too windy.

There you go!
Enjoy this wonderful season! 


  1. What great ideas! I love the burlap! One year for Christmas we wrapped our gifts in feed sacks and used baling twine to hold it on! Great country ideas! LOVE the mason jar idea. I will be doing that one!

  2. You've got the talent going on....The wreaths are so adorable and those ball jars are just beautiful.....I didn't know there was a glass modge podge so now you have given me ideas....
    Did Wendall get a wreath for his stall door? He probably wanted one around his neck, uh?

  3. Oh theses are wonderful it always amazes me the beautiful things people come up with. B

  4. These are so cute! I love the ideas. Bookmark! Thanks.

  5. Very nice. It is good to see some of the things you made. I love burlap and I love wreaths.
    Those are fantastic.

  6. They all turned out great! I really like the burlap wreaths with the roses! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing ideas and for the beautiful pictures. I especially LOVE the burlap wreaths and flowers. We'll have to try making those! Thanks again! Sherry

  8. I love your crafts. I have never been crafty, though I did crewel and embroidery when I was younger. These are wonderful. Hugs to you and Wendell.

  9. The jars are BEAUTIFUL! I don't think I have even SEEN Ball jars that are a half-gallon...

  10. Squeal!!! I"m so excited about those fall leaves in the jars! I can do those! I have everything I need! The wreath? Nope. Can't do that. Love it, but can't do it. But I'm off to make me some jars right now!!! WooHoo! :)

  11. All the things you made are so beautiful!! And love the roses your daughter made... such a lovely touch.


  12. You are way too clever!!!!! Two fabulous projects.
    What about Friday? Can we all just continue on our own and hook up with whoever we can find?

  13. BEAUTIFUL! I love fall colors and I love seeing fall crafts, and doing a few now and then. Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I just bought some glossy Modpodge - I wonder if I have any pretty leaves left?!

  14. It all looks so great. I love the look of burlap!!!

  15. Patrice, they are *gorgeous*! I love Fall colours and the 'feel' of all things to do with Fall.

    Loving the wreath and the burlap roses ... Just gorgeous

  16. I love both of your projects, the wreaths and the jars. I think that they have the perfect fall and rural America touch. Thanks for sharing these projects and putting some more ideas in my head. :)

    Have a great week!

  17. How clever and inspiring Patrice,
    I better get started on all of the projects I have in mind otherwise it'll be Easter before I know it! ;D
    The wreath looks so simple but effective and those jars are just divine.
    Thank you so much for visiting me and for sharing these great ideas.
    Have a wonderful week :D

  18. I love your jars Patrice---so cute!


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