Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 118

Everyday Ruralty
Good morning, friends! It is very cold and rainy, so we will have our chat in the kitchen. The coffee is going and the tea kettle is almost warm. Who brought snacks? No, Wendell. They aren't coming here just to give you carrots. Wendell! I heard that! I wish you'd stop calling me a carrot killer. I only put some in with potatoes, sweet potatoes, and turnips to roast. People do that. We eat cooked carrots sometimes. Wendell? Wen? Hey, buddy. Come back. I don't think we will have the big guy joining us today. He walked away shaking his head, with disgust. His loss. I will visit with my friends anyway.

D3 will be adopting a wonderful horse just before Christmas. I will show pictures when she comes here. The sheep are having lambs. I wish it wasn't so blasted cold. I worry about them. They have a warm place to go, but they are- uh, well, sheep (not PhD's). I watched something really cute yesterday, as I was driving coffee out to our processing area. Some of our calves were sunning themselves on a small hill in the horse pasture. Our three month old piglets had gotten out of their pen and were rooting around the ground. The five of them noticed one of the bigger calves and ran up to it, all at the same time, and attempted to nurse it. That calf moved faster than lightning. It had an expression of sheer terror. Piglets ran away and went elsewhere to play. The poor scared calf went to its mother. Mommy. Mommy. Those monsters thought I had a free meal!

Today, C.S.Farmer delivers turkeys to our farmers' market customers. We had a huge processing day yesterday. It took our two employees, three family members, and three volunteers. They did a wonderful job and I feel confident that we are sending our very best to our customers. I wasn't on the processing line this year. I supplied coffee and tea, ran out for more nitrile gloves and was happy to not have to "play" in 27 degree weather. I stayed in the house and made them a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup and three sausage strombolis. The there was an apple crisp with an oatmeal cookie-like crumble on top. It was so nice for them to be able to come in, rest, and get warm.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!
God bless you and yours.
  1. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, what are looking most forward to on Thursday?
  2. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is_________________.
  3. Do you ever go through periods of time when you get hooked on a specific food?
  4. What's the best stuffing for a turkey?
  5. When you were a child, were you ever in a Thanksgiving play, pageant, mock pilgrim dinner, or anything different to celebrate?
My answers:
  1. A peaceful day with my family. The two families that were supposed to join us had to cancel (Wendell- check your deodorant!) so I will just have a quiet day with C.S. Farmer and the kids. I will be having leftover day the following day, with a visit from my sisters. Love those sisters!
  2. All of it! Pass the cranberry...
  3. All the time. Sometimes it's chocolate or other sweets. I go through phases when I can't get enough potato chips. Sometimes it's nuts. Sometimes I'm nuts!
  4. My mom used to make one with raisins. I've always liked that. My least favorite is oyster stuffing. I like oysters, but not lost in breading. I made a wild rice stuffing one year that was incredible. Hmm? I may do that this year. 
  5. No. That's why I asked this. I have seen this in movies and on TV, as well as hearing people speak of it. I really want to know if it is done frequently. Wendell would make a good pilgrim. :P


  1. Hi Patrice, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I hope you weather the storm, we've rain now and expecting it to turn to snow...hurry up snow! I'd rather have snow, can you tell? -grin-

  2. Oh my!! That poor little calf! LOL!!
    I would have liked your job yesterday in the nice warm kitchen.
    Thanks for the fun questions today and I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  3. How cute about the piglets trying to nurse on the calf. :) I saw two kitties snuggled up with a little bitty dog a few days ago. I think that it is really sweet how animals seem to care about each other, even when they aren't the same type of critter. It seems that some of them are the type of blind that humans should be, not noticing the differences, just the warmth and friendship.

    Have a great week and a blessed Thanksgiving, Patrice!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! That story about the piglets had me cracking up.

  5. Sending you a boatload of sunshine for Thanksgiving. Hope you get it, and hope my comment gets through. Keeping my fingers crossed, I think I might've finally figured out a workaround to this silly problem of not being able to post on blogs that ask for Google account to comment. Let's hope this works...

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and Wendell too, of course :)

  6. It's always busy on the farm! I do enjoy hearing about it. How's Wendell getting along? Tell him I've missed him terribly! Life is busy at school. I've had students composing holiday acrostic poems on the computers to put up in the hall next week. I'll try to remember to take pictures and post some. It's crazy when you see 601 students every week. What was I thinking???? LOL Hug the girls for me!

  7. Hi, Patrice! I wrote about you over at my blog!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!


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