Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chat 112

Everyday Ruralty
Hello! Happy Tuesday! My favorite Holiday! I love Tuesday! 
Why do you love Tuesday so much, Wendell?
Because it's twice as much as Onesday! Silly, Patrice! Don't you know anything?
I guess not. I learn things with you all the time, buddy.
 Good! I'm an edumacator. Now let's get to the chat, Patrice. Our friends will be waiting and my coffee will get cold. 
Your coffee? 
Problems hearing, Patrice? My coffee.
I know Mr. Farmer doesn't let you near the French Press coffee maker. Where do you get coffee?
Let me teach you about fine dining outdoors. A good brew of coffee comes from hay in the water trough. It must be timed right and brewed until just the right color. See? 
Yes. I'm glad you aren't having the kind that will hype you.
  Oh, you mean the stuff the pony drinks?
Is that what happened to him? Let's chat, Wendell.
Okay, but can we go get some cream from the cow on the way?
Blondie does not share her cream with silly horses!

  1. When you pass the salt, do you automatically send the pepper with it?
  2. How many fingers do you usually type with?
  3. Do you keep interesting coins when you run across them?
  4. Did you enjoy September, or did it fly by too quickly?
  5. If I could _________, I'd get more done each day.
My answers (me, too):
  1. Never. I'm not very fond of pepper most of the time, so I don't think to pass it unless specifically asked. I have a salt lick in the pasture, but no pepper lick. It would make me sneeze!
  2. 8 most of the time, with the thumbs working the space bar. The  thumbs take turns. :0) Zero!
  3. I like when I find old coins or something really unusual. I wish I knew more about coins and collecting. I have no pockets for coins, so I don't bother.
  4. September? Is that the streak that just went by ? I enjoyed Sepmember! I could graze without getting too hot or too cold. Wendell likes this weather!
  5. do things without having to always look for the things I need Get Patrice to stop wasting my time. Bring the carrots and then let me get back to important horse business! Well, La-Dee-Da! I didn't know I had an important executive in my pasture!Now you do. Love you Patrice! You too, big guy!
What does Rocky see?
Our new turkeys
Rocky started watching them from behind the tree. After a while he came out to see what they were. He spent at least an hour watching them. They all went to the fence-line and started talking to him. Gobble-gobble-gobble.

Have a great week!


  1. I so enjoy all the pics of your farm and the animals. My Mamaw and Papaw had a farm and I stayed there a lot when I was a little girl....so your pics brings back some sweet memories!!! HOPE you have a great day, my friend....and rest of the week!!!

  2. Great post as usual. You have a wonderful train of thought Wendall.

  3. You surviving over there? ;)

    I'll bet Wendell cares not a tuppence for what's happening in DC ... his pasture is safe, and that's what's important ... isn't that right, Wendell? :)

  4. Beautiful pics of outdoors at your place.

  5. Hi Patrice! I'm all about the pepper, so I very rarely use salt and I like it to be sea salt. Kaitlyn said it's proper etiquette to pass both at the same time. I agree with not having to look for things too.

  6. I adore the picture of Rocky - he is so handsome (sorry Wendell... you're handsome, too!). I pass both - someone somewhere at sometime said I should do that. Like you, I use all of my fingers and the thumb hits the space bar. I have some interesting coins I collected years ago - but I have no clue where to find them now! I had a great September. Well... maybe not when we were rained upon! If I could stop messing with my computer I could get more accomplished each day!

  7. I'm a couple of days late. It's been a busy week. I totally agree with you on #1. I am not a pepper person. But dear Wendell, I love salt on EVERYTHING. Maybe I should get me a salt lick for the kitchen. Hmmmm....

  8. I've been missing the chat! But I'm gonna answer anyway. Right here. LOL
    1. No but I do put it down before the person takes it. I heard once that it's bad luck if they take it out of your hand. And that's all it took for me to put it down. Ha!
    2. All of them with the thumbs working the space bar.
    3. I do. But I never research them. I might be sitting on a fortune! LOL
    4. It went by very fast. I didn't enjoy it much due to MAP testing at school and the temps. Though we did have a few days of pleasant coolness.
    5. If I could stay at home every day, I get way more done. I don't even want to decorate for the holidays this year. At the same time, I do love teaching. Mixed blessing.


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