Monday, September 16, 2013

A Dose of Horse for You

Wendell in the sheep pasture.
The white block on the ground in front of him is the remains
of a salt block. He had the whole thing in his mouth!

Hello, friends! It's me, Handsome Horse. I was talking to my friend Rocky, the Percheron. I told him that Patrice is stuck in a rut and never posts pictures of me anymore. All she ever does is chat on Tuesdays. I've been meaning to talk to her about that. We all know why you come here. To give the handsome horse some carrots. Right? I think a dose of horse is good for folks. So, now that you've seen me, I'll share a picture of Rocky with you. He's kind of handsome too.
Hello to Wendell's friends! I'm happy to appear on his blog. I know you come here to see him. He says he's famous. Now I guess I am too. Could you send some extra carrots for me?  Bye. Horsey kisses, Rocky

I better go. Patrice is coming in looking for her computer. Send carrots! Love, Wendell

-tiptoe-tiptoe-tiptoe, back out to the pasture-
Shh! Don't tell Patrice.


  1. LOL You have some characters around your place. I'll be starting up my blog soon again. So, look for it. Our place has been quite busy with preparations for a horse. My mom is giving me her gray arabian for my birthday. We are in the midst of fence work and a small barn. Fun, right?

    <# carrot for Wendell and <# carrot for Rocky

  2. I love these two guys; they sure are characters.....Maybe you should dedicate a post a week to them as I sure do love reading what they are up to....I think Wendall would especially like this.

  3. I love this. They are adorable. I petsit two minihorses for a friend. They have really gotten to know me, and get very vocal. I adore them. Thanks for sharing. (I have carrots...)

  4. Mr. Wendell, you certainly are a handsome fellow!!!

  5. May carrots fall down on you:) here she coemes run....:)B

  6. It is so much fun to read posts that Wendell manages to sneak in when Patrice isn't looking! Wendell's right... a dose of horse is a good thing!

  7. It's very nice to see you Wendell and I'm glad you allowed Rocky a little face time too! :)


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