Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chats 107

Everyday Ruralty
Hi! Welcome to the porch. I've been very busy lately. Want to see?
The thing you can't see, with this picture, is the huge group of fruit flies that came in with the peaches. They aren't happy that I've made their peaches into jam and put it in jars they can't get into! Ha-ha, fruity guys!

The farm is as busy as can be. It doesn't wind down around here until after Thanksgiving. We have more than one thing to be thankful for. Yes. Time to rest is one of those things.

I have been terrible about posting pictures lately, so here's one of Rocky and Ricky.

  1. My oldest daughter has returned to college for her second year. Could I get you to give her some good wishes here? Please?
  2. Summer is about to move on, what will you miss the most? And the least?
  3. Are you currently working on any craft, sewing, DIY home, or any other creative project?
  4. If you could have any treatment at a spa for free, what would it be? 
  5. What's your favorite kind of pasta?
My answers: 
Mine too, Patrice!
  1. Dearest D1, I love you and I wish you a wonderful year at school! Horsey Kisses to D1!
  2. I will miss the variety of fresh veggies. I will miss the watermelons. I won't miss temps above 80 degrees. I will miss the fresh pasture grass. I won't miss the flies.
  3. I am editing my book, chapter after chapter, after chapter... I'm making up poems. Remember, Wendell the aspiring poo-it!
  4. I need a massage for the neck right now. I need a horsey manicure!
  5. I love stuffed shells. They even have them gluten free. I stuff some with ricotta, spices,and spinach. I stuff others with a meat mixture. Wendells don't eat paste-a!
Have a great week!Neigh! (We speak foreign languages!)


  1. the peaches look yummy, but love seeing the boys. :)

  2. Lovely peaches! Temps above 80?!? Sounds like heaven to me. We have been near 100 for the past several days again. I always miss all the fresh produce from summer too.

  3. Fresh peaches are the best! Must have, must have! Send my way pronto! :D Mmm, yes I like stuffed shells,too. I have been wanting to make manicotti for a long time. I'm going to have to break down and give this a try. Thanks for hosting and allowing me to be apart of things!

    1. I'll send the fruit flies with them. Maybe they'll get lost and the peaches will arrive safely! I wish... The crate will be empty after breakfast tomorrow. Hubby gets them from the vendor near us at the farmers'market.

  4. Is Ricky standing on his back tippy toes?

  5. Loved the picture of Ricky and Rocky! :)

  6. I love fresh peaches but hate the swarms of fruit flies that seem to instantly appear. Good Luck to your daughter. My advice is never schedule an 8:30am class for Mondays or Fridays :)

  7. I love the fresh peaches, DD1 has a tree in the back yard...They don't look like they will be ripening soon, if at all. Beautiful horses.

  8. Peaches always make me think of this guy I knew when I was in the Navy. He was a cook, and made me fresh peach pies every day. I finally had to tell him to stop because I was gaining too much weight! Those were some good pies, though.

  9. Seriously, I need a full body massage. I love angel hair pasta and ravioli and tortellini..... Sending good vibes to your daughter!

  10. Love the big boys. And the peaches. You can keep the flies ;-).

  11. I forgot about all the wonderful fresh produce--I'll miss too. I hope your daughter has a wonderful year at school!

  12. Just love your horses -- would love to see more photos (when you are not busy -- lol!)


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