Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 101

Everyday Ruralty
Hey, Wendell!
Yes. I'd like some.
You said "hay". I'd like some.
No. I meant "Hi".
Well, why didn't you just say "Hi"?
I guess I was just being casual.
Oh. Wendell can't eat "casual".
Are you joining the ladies and me for a chat?
Of course. I was just packing.
Yes. I was getting a trunk ready so I could carry all of the carrots they give me back to the barn. The trunk has a lock on it, so I can keep that silly pony out of my stash.
Okay. We're starting  now. Meet you on the porch.
I'll be right there. I have to get all dressed up.
Why are you getting dressed up?
I'm wearing a tux. You know. ZZ Top once sang that "every girl's crazy about a well dressed man". 
I'm speechless.
Thank goodness! Finally!
On to the chat:
  1. Bacon or sausage? If vegetarian, what do you have for breakfast?
  2. Do you take time to "smell the roses"?
  3. What's your favorite stone fruit? (Peaches,nectarines,plums, apricots, and cherries are i n the stone fruit family.)
  4. What is the thing people notice most about your personality? ( quiet- outgoing- polite-funny-etc.)
  5. Is there a hobby that you have wanted to do, but haven't started yet?
  1. Turkey bacon. I'm allergic to pork. Carrots, please.
  2. What roses? I haven't lately, but I know I should. Roses taste icky!
  3. Peaches, but I like all stone fruits. Wendell doesn't eat stones. Silly, Patrice. What kind of question...
  4. My sense of humor. Like it or lump it, it is a very prominent part of ME. My nobility and tail.
  5. Probably a lot. I think one that I want to get to (actually, get back to) is pottery. I don't have  a kiln, so it won't be happening any time soon. Tap dancing. Wendell has always wanted to tap dance. My four hoofies are burning with talent, but Patrice won't send me to dance school!
Have a Wendell kind of week!
I'd say to have a Patrice kind of week, but she is so stingy with dance lessons. You'd be much better off to have a Wendell week. Eat a carrot and enjoy life!


  1. Tap school! Wendell, you slay me! :) Please give Patrice a big hug from me! I've tried pottery before. Two words: Epic. Fail. LOL

  2. Love the questions posed today Patrice! My answers:

    I prefer sausage.
    Yes I do take time to smell the roses and lilies and ... :)
    My favorite stone fruit are cherries.
    I am usually a shy, quiet person unless you get my dander up.
    No new hobbies to start here -- I've tried many, but photography is the only one I enjoy right now.

  3. I'm going to be picturing Wendell tap dancing in my head all day!

  4. Hi, Patrice and Wendell. I enjoy listening to you chatting.

  5. I'm sure Wendell would be very light on his feet. I can just picture the sparkly tap shoes. Lol

  6. I can't imagine no pork. I would say 60% of what I meat I eat is pork. I love bacon, ham and sausage and have it several times a week in various ways. Tell Wendell that my four year old granddaughter has taken two years of tap. She would be happy to teach him.

  7. Hey, it looks like Wendell is up to his antics again. :)

    I am a bacon person. Love the stuff, but don't eat it much. I like sausage too, but only occasionally.

    Just wanted to say our little girl was born three weeks ago. 9 pounds! 9 days past the due date. :)

  8. what kind of dance? jazz, irish, ballet or hip hop? have a great week to you & Wendell!! big big hugs! ( :

  9. I've never had turkey bacon, but I love turkey sausage.

  10. Actually rose candy is good. My aunt makes it.

  11. I love your "discussions" with Wendell, Patrice. They give me and David lots of laughs. :)

    I enjoyed this week's chat (have enjoyed them all!). I hope that you have a great week!

  12. I'm trying to picture your horse tap dancing with a tutu!! I have always wanted to make my own pottery. I love hand made mugs and dishes--they are always the first ones my kids break too. I splurged a few years ago and bought two mugs at a ren fest--beautiful mugs and they lasted a couple of years until the handles were broke.

    Love the questions.

  13. I'm back in the saddle again. Not as in riding a horse, so Wendell will feel be relieved to hear that. I'm back to blogging again after months of being very ill, which required me to have surgery. Yep, I'm 5-weeks post-op and doing excellent! I'm making so progress to making my rounds to visiting my lovelies in Blogosphere, but have yet to make adjustments as needed such as adding your weekly chat questions. :( All in good time, my friend, all in good time! That being said, I'll post my answers here.

    1. Sausage.
    2. Not lately, but hopefully I will find time to slow down and do that. You'd think with being sick for months I could've been doing that, but I was laid out on the sofa for much of that time too sick to move an inch.
    3. Peaches
    4. That I'm easy to talk to.
    5. Kinda would like to try my hand at making jewelry, but I just don't know if I would like it or not.

    That wraps up my response for this week's questions. It was great to hang out with you on your porch today and hope to be back next week!

  14. Aw shucks. Maybe you will get to dance school one day.


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