Friday, June 7, 2013

Shepherds and Sheep People- please give me advice.

Hi, folks! I know I have some experienced shepherds that read this blog. I have a newborn lamb with Bent Leg Syndrome. I know they typically splint to encourage straightening. I would like to leave the baby on the ewe, but splinting wouldn't be practical in the pasture. I'd love some advice from folks who have dealt  with this.
Thank, Patrice


  1. Can you put the ewe and lamb in the barn for a few days? Doesn't take long to straighten up usually.

  2. Sorry about your little lamb with bent legs Patrice. We had a little calf born with bent feet and we made some splints with white PVC pipes that were sliced in two and the ends were rounded. We place one piece under and one on the top. We padded the inside to protect the skin from irritation and taped the splints on. The calf was able to stand up and walk. I bottle fed the little calf. His feet straigntened out nicely and it didn't take long but I can't remember how many days.
    That's the best I can do. I hope that they will get straightend out.
    Take care,

  3. Ha ha! Patrice, I was going to suggest that you contact my friend (thecrazysheeplady)but she's already on it! News travels fast.

  4. Hi Patrice, have you given selenium and vitamin D to the lamb? We're totally depleted of selenium east of the Mississippi and it's critical to give to newborns.

  5. I know nothing of sheep husbandry, but I will offer sympathy.

  6. 1) Put the ewe and the lamb in the barn , in a stall.... 2) Call your vet...we have a great sheep vet...

  7. I hope the above advice helps your little lamb.


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