Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 89

Everyday Ruralty
Hello friends! I'm happy that Wendell posted the chat last week, so I could have the day off.  Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes. You're a special group of people and I'm so glad I can count you as friends.
Speaking of Wendell- A few days ago, Wendell decided to go into our flat roof hay barn. This is the barn where my husband keeps equipment to grind feed for our animals. He stores a large bag of minerals in that barn. Wendell found the bag, and decided to drag it for a distance until the thing opened. Cocoa, the pony, joined him. the two snacked on the expensive organic mix, until the farmer found them. Wendell immediately walked away, looking the other direction. It was as if he'd washed his hands (hooves?) of the whole thing and was trying to look indifferent and INNOCENT! Cocoa was left. holding the bag (as they say). He was mad when it was taken from him. Silly old Wendell. Guess who had a terrible tummy ache the next morning. Yup! The big culprit. He's better now, and would probably do it again if given the chance. You slander me, Patrice!

Today's questions come from members of our chats community. I hope you will visit everyone and say hello.
  1. From Suzanne at p.s. Annie!: Are you part of the back to nature/ecological group or are you more of the mindset of "I'll do what I want and everything will work out in the end"?
  2. From Stacey at Happy Bride to be: What's a favorite dinner dish to make?
  3. From Melanie at Melanie at A Year of Jubilee Reviews: What animals have you seen give live birth?
  4. From Anne at Homeschool on the Croft: If you had the opportunity to teach something, what would you teach?
  5. From Madonna at Butterfly Acres: What did you love most about school?
My answers:
  1. I tend to feel a responsibility to the earth. I'm not some off the wall environmentalist, but I try to be responsible about recycling, not using chemicals around the house, and anything that makes me a good steward of our land. In my years working in catering, I've been exposed to a lot of higher income people who could care less about recycling. They'd have lavish parties and have LOTS of bottle, cans, and other things that they'd just toss in the trash. I always tried to get as much into recycling as I could. Sometimes, I'd fill a couple of boxes and take them to recycling myself. There was a very selfish attitude in many of these people when I'd ask them if they recycled. I can't help but think that we have to do something, or future generations will be living in a very dirty place.
  2. I guess a favorite dish to make and a favorite dish to eat are very different things for me. A favorite dish to make, on a day-to-day basis, would be something easy and healthy. I like to throw together a frittata with fresh vegetables, or a pasta dish with olive oil and garlic, with lightly sauteed vegetables. A favorite dish to eat would be steak with seafood, baked potato, steamed asparagus, and a spinach salad. Don't forget the dessert!
  3. I have seen dogs, cows, and sheep give birth. My kids saw a deer give birth a few feet from my kitchen window when they were small. I missed that one, since I was out that day.
  4. I would teach art. I had the opportunity to teach cooking once and that was quite enjoyable.
  5. In elementary school, I loved leaving for the day. I was a shy kid and I had a relentless bully, so I hated being in school. In high school, I loved art and had an awesome art teacher. In college, I loved my English and Art classes.


  1. Oh that Wendell and Cocoa keep you on your toes.:) Happy Innocent Wendell's stomach bug turned out OK.
    English and Art I love that I can imagine you would make a great teacher. Hug B

  2. I'm glad that Wendell is feeling better!

  3. Wendell is being naughty, eh? Too bad he won't learn from his tummy ache experience. Thanks for hosting the farmhouse porch chats!

  4. I knew when I answered the live animal birth would be one you would be definite YES to. :)

  5. Glad Wendell is feeling better! Sorry to hear you were bullied as a schoolgirl. I never liked Art class, I was always BAD at art! Have a great week!

  6. That Wendell he was a naughty boy but I guess he suffered the consequences.Your everyday dinners sound yummy to me. Have a great week!

  7. I'm sorry, but I laughed so hard at that Wendell and Cocoa story! Thanks for the chuckle.

  8. I'm glad Wendell didn't suffer too badly from his "extra" rations! Silly horse!
    I like quick and easy to prepare at dinner time too and frittatas and pasta are two of my favorites, hubby not so much. (sigh)
    I don't quite understand the mentality of people with money...

  9. i bet you are a great cook. i would love a bit of dinner. thanks. ha. ha!! would Wendell be there too??! ( :

  10. Did Cocoa get a tummy ache, too?

    Bullies know just where to find us quiet kids, don't they? They wreck everything. I loved learning, but didn't love being at school with the mean people at all.

    We try to reduce chemical usage around here, too. They aren't good for us, plus they put extra stress on my lungs. I have COPD and some of the chemicals give me really bad chest pains. When the strong ones have to be used, David sprays them and we leave the house while they work. That also gives the smell of them time to dissipate so that it doesn't hurt so much.

    I enjoyed your post and thanks for using my question this week. :)

    Have a great week!

  11. Patrice, joining in today; good questions. When I was in the 4th grade (maybe 3rd) there was a bully on the school bus. Each day he would taunt me, touch me, talk trash...one day I simply hit the wall. When we got off the bus, as usual, the bully followed me so I took my little Cinderella lunchbox and **cracked** that little bully over the head. Blood started gushing and I started running for home. When I got home, I told Mom what had happened and she said, "Okay, change clothes and go out to play." When the boy's Mother called my Mom and complained, Mom told her, "Your son is a bully and had it coming a long time. Hopefully, having a **girl** stand up to him will stop him from bullying other children."
    BooYah! Mom scores!

  12. Hi Patrice---I sold Pampered Chef for a year and had a fun time cooking at the parties, it was the selling stuff that wasn't as much fun. I think art would be fun to teach too. We just talked about recycling and earth day at girl scouts and some of the girls whose parents didn't recycle were going to try to start.


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