Friday, February 1, 2013

Grow Your Blog Party Giveaway Winner

I had lots of fun last week with the Grow Your Blog Party at 2BagsFull. Would you believe that I visited EVERY blog. That doesn't mean I followed or commented, but I gave everyone a visit to see if it was a blog I might want to read again. I had many lovely bloggers come to Everyday Ruralty because of this party.

Each participant was asked to have a giveaway, although it wasn't mandatory. Today was the drawing day for the blogs who chose to have a giveaway. With the help of, I picked a winner today. This quilting, crafting, poodle loving lady is my winner.
Sandra Kaye
Sandra blogs at Sandra Kaye Designs.

Dear Sandra,
I'm happy that you won my giveaway. In the original post, I said that this would be a custom giveaway. This is not something generic, but something that will be tailored to the person. You will see lots of visits to your blog as I get to know you better so I can send the perfect gift. I will post what that gift is very soon. I can be reached at I will notify you when I'm ready to mail the item(s).

To everyone else- Please visit my giveaway from Uncommon Goods
                            and my game, Guess Tess -you guess when the sheep will have her lamb(s) 

Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful weekend!              


  1. Congratulations Sandra.
    Patrice I am certainly happy I read so many wonderful blogs during that Blog event and extremely happy to have found your lovely blog. B

  2. How nice that you are making it a custom give-away!

    Congratulations Sandra !

  3. Hot diggity dog!!!!!! I won!!!! I'm so excited!!!! You are so sweet:):) you have made my day!!! Sandra

  4. So very happy for you Sandra!!! Congrads!

  5. Congratulations Sandra!!

    I also drew for my winner today! I love having giveaways! :)

    Thank you for the blog party! It was fantastic!

  6. congratulations, Sandra...for a moment there....


  7. my little granddtr, talia, just saw the pics of your baby lambs and she is going crazy! she wants a baby lamb real bad now! i promised her if we are lucky and get to do a big mainland trip one day, we will come and see your farm and all the wonderful animals/family you are so blessed with! aloha, angi and talia in hana

  8. Wonderful blog! Such fun! Love your aprons out of shirts! Lovely. Your newest follower and from GYB party.

  9. Hello, wonderful to visit your blog..What a great way to meet like minded women..Still working my way thru all the blogs..such delight.


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