Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Waking Up During the Night

Counting sheep is also a popular daytime activity around here.

I was just visiting my dear friend, Ms. Deb at her blog. Today she wrote about the lack of sleep. I think we all have sleepless nights at times. Some deal with this problem on a regular basis. My heart goes out to you.

 I often go to bed with a worry on my mind, or an idea that has lit my creative flame.  The creative idea can be jotted down in a notebook near the bed. The worry, well that's a different story. Often prayer can mean that I hand that over to God and snooze the night away, however restless.

I have learned that there is a simple homeopathic remedy that helps me quiet my mind. I've also found out that the supplement, magnesium, helps me sleep. It relaxes the muscles and completely stopped the night grinding of my teeth. None of this is meant as medical advice. I'm simply saying what works for me.

I relayed an interesting story to Deb. I believe that sometimes God wakes us up. Mind you, that isn't when the fire alarm battery goes out and it screams. It isn't when hubby's Amish friend gets to a phone booth and calls. He starts his day WAY earlier than I. It's when we need to work something out in prayer, or maybe pray for someone we don't know. My sister kept dreaming of a little girl. She tossed and turned and kept waking up. Each return to sleep showed the face of this small child. My sister prayed for the girl, but did not know why. When she finally could not stand being awake in bed, she got up. She wanted to have some company, so she turned on the TV. There was the face of the same little girl, a child she's never seen in person. It turns out that the child was in an area that had a big earthquake. So, if you ever wake up and feel like you must pray for someone, do so. Your sleep may have been disturbed for a very important reason.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and a peaceful night of rest.

***I need to take a picture of Wendell sleeping sometime. He hangs his head a bit and it nods with his rhythmical breathing. He often tilts one hoof, so he is putting his weight on three legs. I wonder if he dreams of carrots. Hmm???


  1. Oh, what an awesome story about your sister!!! I failed to mention that God works out problems for me in the night, too. Often, it's when I lay to rest and get quiet that a thought will come as a solution to something I'm sewing, or crocheting. He is just plain amazing!!! So glad we're friends, Ms. Patrice!!!

  2. I went through a spell recently where I'd wake up at 2 a.m. and not fall back to sleep until 5 which is when I normally get up. Yuck. But these last few weeks I've been sleeping like a baby and dreaming great dreams.
    Rick, your latest follower.

  3. Wow, that story about your sister is giving me goosebumps. I'll have to try the magnesium, although I usually don't have problems with sleep.

  4. Good Morning Patrice-
    I have many restless, sleepless nights, usually when something is on my mind. I will take your advice to heart.
    I have to say, I sleep much better if I read before bed, something my own Grammy taught me years ago.
    I also keep a note pad on the bedside table, for those crafting or decorating ideas that pop into my head during the middle of the night. Weird - I know.
    I missed out on your "Chat On The Porch' yesterday, but I'll try to join in next Tuesday.
    My horses sleep lying down, most of the time. Often times, early in the morning when I feed, they are lying in their shavings. I have a cat that sleeps with one of my horse too.
    Have a lovely day.
    I'll see you next time.
    Becka @ Girasole Farm

  5. I love the story about your sister's dreams and the little girl.
    My problem is not having a hard time falling asleep but the trips to the bathroom that disrupts my sleep. I've heard about the magnesium to relax the muscles. Maybe I should take some again.

    Have a nice day.

  6. thank you for passing on the story of your sister's dream and the need to pray for others. it was very touching.

  7. I agree with you, I feel like many times when we are awaked at night God either wants our undivided attention to either tell us something or to pray for someone....Your sister's experience is a perfect example....Oh to be more aware of His voice rather it be day or night....

  8. I loved this post. I have RLS and am going to try the magnesium. It is hard to sleep when your mind won't quiet, either. Thanks for this. I hope to be back at The Porch next week! I am reading though! Hug Mr. Wendell!!

  9. Wow I love stories like that.
    I am sitting here and it is 4 am I have been here since three. Lots of worry and well it is -26c here and I guess that is not helping.
    I take magnesium for my Fibro it does work wonders for me but I think the sleeping part may be wearing off.. Take care. B

  10. beautiful post! I too, have problems sleeping and maybe some of your suggestions will help me. I will try the magnesium too!

  11. Sleep! That used to be a challenge for me. I used Benedryl for years but lately I think it keeps me away. So I started looking on line (the source of all information, you know, LOL) and discovered that at my age melatonin production - a natural hormone produced by the that helps with sleep) is reduced. So I checked with my doctor, and he agreed ... melatonin was an option ... and it worked beautifully. It doesn't make me groggy in the morning and I drift off to sleep naturally now. This is not meant to be medical advice, but it did work for me after I checked with my doctor. And my 40 year old son tried it successfully as well. I was really glad to find something that wasn't a sleeping pill.

    I wonder if the magnesium would work just as well. Interesting post.

  12. i would love a pic of wendall sleeping, just thinking about it made me smile! aloha,angi in hana


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