Thursday, January 31, 2013

Something lovely arrived in the mail. (Giveaway alert!!!)

Hello, everyone! I mentioned that I received something pretty in the mail. I did. I did. I can't wait to show you!

I received this neat t-shirt wrapped gift box. Yea, recycling!
The package came from a neat company called Uncommon Goods. Check them out!

Inside were a pair of earrings that were handmade from reclaimed antique glass and bottles.
They not only had some information on the earring card, but there was a small paper with the artist's photo and information about her work.

I love green and I love glass. These will be my new favorite "go-to" earrings. I'm sure I will wear them often. I have worn one pair far more than any other for  the last four or five years. They were ones C.S.Farmer got from a farmers' market vendor. When she asked what color my eyes were, so she could help him pick out earrings, he couldn't tell her. These earrings, from Uncommon Goods will be my new favorites for sure. Oh, Mr. Farmer? My eyes are green. Just in case you need to know. By the way, honey, don't forget February 14th

My Review 
I am happy to report that this company gets a big thumbs up. The packaging was cool. What was in it was even better.  These earrings are beautiful and well made. I love the idea of making something from something else. The story says that the green glass was made from a Depression glass dinner plate. I can enjoy these earrings and the glass won't just sit in a landfill. Awesome!

Ladies- With February 14th right around the corner, you might want to visit Uncommon Goods for your fellow.

The awesome folks at Uncommon Goods are generously allowing me to give one of my readers a pair of these earrings. They come in the green glass and also in pink. You can see them here. I think the pink are as lovely as my green earrings, but the green matches my eyes. Did you hear that, C.S.Farmer?

To enter my giveaway:
Like Uncommon Goods on Facebook. Please tell me you did this in comment.
Sign up for Uncommon Goods email. Please tell me you did  this in comment.

For other entries-
Follow Everyday Ruralty on GFC. Leave a comment. Tell me if you already follow, too. (1 entry)
Tell me one other product  that you like at Uncommon Goods. Yes- comment. (1 entry)
Tell me if you'd pick green or pink if you win. Comment- yup, you're catching on! (1 entry)
If you post about this giveaway, it will count as 5 entries! Comment so I can visit you and see the post, please.

You can put all  your entry comments in one comment. It's easier for both of us. Please make sure your comment has a good email address so I can notify you if you win.

I will draw for this on Valentine's Day!

*** Disclaimer- I chose to review these earrings. I was not required to. My opinion is my own- yes, I'm opinionated. I have given an honest review and I'm thoroughly enjoying these earrings already!

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  1. i like Uncommon Goods on FB. ( :

  2. i signed up for Uncommon Goods emails. ( :

  3. i am a GFC of your "Everyday Ruralty" ... ( :

  4. i love their clocks - items they sell are so unique. i'm going to look more. ( :

  5. I have never heard of this company. I will certainly check it out.

    The earrings look wonderful. And if I wore earrings I would most definitely enter your contest. I also dropped off of Facebook a few months ago. It just ate up too much of my time. So I can't even "like" them. No matter. Just happy for the opportunity to check out this company. I bet they have some interesting stuff.

  6. i would pick green. but then you talk about pink ... oh that's a tough one. ha. ha!! ( :

  7. i wish i had read ALL the instructions 1st & then worked through them. i did a post on my blog. sorry about that. other blogs do it each individual comment for each thing. my bad. ( :

    post link :

  8. last comment i swear ... i'm following Uncommon Goods on Twitter (even before this post of yours) ... i know you don't have a twitter account but i tweeted about the blog give away too. just wanted you to know. going away now ... i won't comment again on this post again, promise. ha. ha!! ( :

  9. Ok :)

    -I like Uncommon Goods on facebook
    -I signed up for Uncommon Goods email
    -I follow you with GFC
    -I think I would pick the pink. Or maybe the green. No, pink. No, green....


  10. I love earrings....what a great give-a-way!!! Here I go:
    1. I "like" Uncommon Goods on FB
    2. I signed up for Uncommon Goods e-mail
    3. I follow ER on GFC (and e-mail)
    4. I like the unique switch plates on Uncommon Goods sight
    5. I would choose pink...only because they don't come in PURPLE!!! ;-)
    6. I posted about the give-a-way on my Give Away Page:
    Thanks so much for a win, Ms. Patrice!!!
    HOPE you have an awesome day!

  11. they're beautiful. don't enter me as i don't wear earrings (or any jewelry, really) anymore. :)

  12. I LOVE your earrings! Thanks for the link to check them out.

  13. I am so glad you got something nice in the mail! You deserve it! Enjoy!

  14. So pretty! I never wear earrings anymore. I just don't take the time. If I had a pair of these, the lovelies would fight over them. LOL

  15. beautiful earrings, so happy for you. A giveaway too... Yes, you know I love a giveaway ( stop by tomorrow for my new one)I follow you Hugs and Thank you for sharing at the hop :-)

  16. Signed up for uncommon goods email

  17. I follow you on GFC melanie schemanski

  18. I like the plush organs on uncommon goods. We have giant microbes and these plush organs would go great with them!

  19. I signed up for Uncommon Goods newsletter.

  20. Loved the felt birdhouses on Uncommon Goods!

  21. i love your blog and recently thru viki's GYB party i became a follower and signed up with your e-mail! i also share all your great pics with my little grndkids, they love it too! i will try to sign up with facebook, i don't always have luck with that site, but hey of course i want to win! i love pink but the green glass earrings are gorgeous, so either color works for me! tx for always sharing and inspiring me, i really do enjoy your blog! aloha, angi in hana

  22. ok, angi from hana again, i went to facebook and signed on as i "like", also signed on for the email at uncommon goods, i love the necklace "gratitude for lacking nothing", lotsa really nice stuff!, as i said in my previous post, i follow your blog also along with the email too. my email is i can't believe i just did all this for a giveaway! but i really like your blog! aloha, angi in hana


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