Sunday, January 13, 2013

Perhaps I should roll in the pasture.

This is our sweet, gentle giant Ricky. He knows when it's raining. He knows when a gate is left open, or there is a weak spot in a fence line. He knows when someone approaches with a carrot, or visitors have noisy children. He knows when the mama pig gets feed that he likes. He knows when his horse friend, Rocky is nearby.

Ricky does not know
- that I have an infection in a tooth and have to wait the weekend to go to the dentist. He does not know that I was down with a fever Saturday, but got up to take my lovely singer and harpist daughter to a performance in the big city (far away).
- that the parking garage was closed and I drove around a gazillion times.
-that there was a wedding in another section of the facility that had valet parking. I tried to get them to park my car. 
-that my two month old (used) car started with weird dash lights and sounds, followed by smoke and/or steam pouring out from under the hood and liquid gushing out down the road.
-that I was in a part of town where I had to lock the doors. (Thankfully my sister was there so I wasn't completely alone.)
-that I had to carry daughter's harp, harp stand, bench, formal and other things for thee long trips on foot.She had gone in to the practice while I "found a parking space".
-that I parked in a no parking area near a curb when the car blew up(or whatever you call that) and every cross town bus came within inches of taking out my fender.
- that the tow company someone recommended didn't take AAA.
-that I would hurry and worry, and break a sweat for my fever and still miss my daughter's performance. :(
- that the farmer would come pick us up in the SUV that broke down so much that we bought the used car. (?)

Ricky woke up, like any other day. He stretched, munched on remaining grass, and dropped to roll on the ground. That must feel good to horses. Perhaps next time I have a Murphy's law day, I will drop to the ground and roll. Makes for an interesting visual image. Eh?


  1. i'd say a mud roll might be necessary... sorry for the troubles!

  2. oh sorry for all your troubles! Hope this week is better for you.

  3. Oh, Patrice, I'm so sorry! I hope the music was worth it.

  4. Patrice, I haven't been around lately but it looks like you need a hug, so here's one big (((HUG))). Next time switch place with Rocky and let him deal with Murphy's Law. I hope that this week is gentler on you.

    My son had the same thing happen to his 300 M Chrysler car before he even got out of his driveway. His car blew a gasket he said and it's still sitting in his driveway with oil everywhere.

    Another hug,

  5. This is written brilliantly. Wow. I am so sorry about your terrible, horrible day! Yes, Ricky had a better day. I hope you have a good week. Hugs.

  6. Oh, sorry you had such a horrible day. HOPE your tooth gets fixed soon. What's that scripture about how we should be like the sparrows (or, horses) that don't worry!!! ;-)

  7. Bless your heart. I hope things look up for you soon.

  8. Oh, man. NOT the best weekend, but rest assured, we all have days like that! Hoping you have much better days to look forward to--I know you will!

  9. What a no-good, terrible, awful, horrible day.
    I think the rolling around might be an answer... but I recommend a nice muddy patch!

  10. Thank you to everyone who visited and sent hugs. It's so nice to be able to share good and bad with friends. I guess I should have underscored that the whole situation could have been worse if it had happened on the Beltway, especially late at night, while going home. It also could have happened without my sister to keep my company, and before dropping my daughter off for practice. It happened once she was safely in the building, so she did not have to be part of it- plus she made it to her concert. :) Thanks!

    1. Romans 8:28 - And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for

  11. Bless your heart. There is never just one problem, in my experience. I hope things get better.

  12. Oh NO! I may never complain about my day ever again. Nah, I will. But I will think of this day of yours and know that things could be worse. What a crap day! I hope everything got better speedy quick!

  13. Holy Crummy Luck BatGirl! That's a terrible way to spend a sick day! To lighten your frown a bit....K and I thought we had a letter from G, and we were so amazed that her handwriting looked so much like K's.....until we realized K had reversed the addresses and sent the letter back to herself! UGH! It should be there by now or very soon, but SERIOUSLY?

    Hope you are doing much better, and that goes for your car too!

  14. My theory is that when a black cloud is bent on dumping on you ... it is going to do so and not stop until it gets bored and moves on to the next poor soul. Sorry to hear of such a frustrating day. I guess if you want to take a roll in the pasture, pick your spot carefully!! Very, very carefully!!


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