Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 76

Everyday Ruralty
I've recovered from my "interesting" weekend. I have been looking forward to our chat. Not only are you super guests, but I find comfort in things I do on a regular basis. I think we should put on the tea kettle and the coffee pot, then have a fun time talking.
I hope to be able to share some baby pictures soon. We have a pregnant ewe that will explode shortly- uh, I mean- give birth. This will be the first lamb born on this farm! Yay! It will be the first of at least six. They are all going to be new moms, so this will be interesting. I hope they can do it by themselves. My animal midwife skills are pretty good, but I prefer they handle it themselves. That isn't always possible. We had one year where almost every calf born had to be pulled. That year I was pregnant and helped. I remember pulling one calf when I was eight months pregnant. My belly was so big, I could barely get close enough to deliver her. :P
  1. What was your favorite game as a child?
  2. Have you ever had your own business? (home business, a shop, Etsy, lemon-aid stand, etc)
  3. How's your spelling?
  4. How are you about going to the dentist?
  5. Do you enjoy board games?
My answers:
  1. I liked to play dodge ball. I hated tag because I always ended up getting knocked down. Then again, I wasn't the most coordinated kid.
  2. I had a seamstress business, a craft business, and I sold lingerie in one of those party plan( for about 6 month).  I had a few miscellaneous businesses as a kid trying to earn extra money. Let's just say that neighbors and parent friends were very kind.
  3. Okey moost off the thyme! I'm usually somewhat of a spelling geek. Now typos- can't help them!
  4. I have had a few ROTTEN dentists. I read enough that I know how bad fluoride and mercury are, so I am really picky about who I see. I have found a great holistic dentist. I used to be terrified of dentists because our family dentist, when I was a child, was big and green. He had smoke coming from his nostrils, and bumps on his rotting skin. He had bad breath and liked to stab small children in their mouths with sharp dental instruments. Seriously- he was a creep. I guess you must think I didn't like him. Huh?
  5. I like some. I enjoy traditional ones like Monopoly. As a kid, I liked Life, but haven't seen that one in years. I also like Scrabble. We have a farming game that's fun. There are other games, like Apples to Apples that are fun, but they aren't a board game.
I hope you have an outstanding week! We have a few new visitors to Chats, so drop by later in the week and see if there is anyone new who might like a visit from you. Folks drop by as late as Friday and I want everyone to be able to say hello. Thanks! :)


  1. I always answer the questions before reading anybodies answers. That way I'm not influenced by others answers. Imagine my surprise when my 3 favorite board games are the same as yours. I drove my sister crazy with Life. She got to where she absolutely refused to play it. Thanks for the thought of a holistic dentist. I never thought about that. HUGE fear of dentist.

  2. I can't wait to see the sweet little lambs. I love your answer about the spelling!!! ;-) Thanks for letting me join in this week....and remember to keep our kids in your prayers. I'm asking everybody to help pray them home Friday night so we can pick them up at the airport on Saturday night!!

  3. Okay, just now I added your farmhouse chat button to my Tuesday Random draft post, so next week I won't slip up and miss getting things up. With that being said, I will once again answer your questions here....

    What was your favorite game as a child? Like you, dodgeball was one of my favorite games. I usually got clobbered on it, but it was so fun.
    Have you ever had your own business? (home business, a shop, Etsy, lemon-aid stand, etc) Yes, we were involved in a MLM back in the late 90s. It was hard, aggravating work & I don't think I'll ever do that again!
    How's your spelling? It's pretty good, but I keep Webster close at hand.
    How are you about going to the dentist? Let's just leave it at, that's not my favorite place to be.
    Do you enjoy board games? I do like board games, but we don't play them too often.

    Well, dear friend thanks for hosting. Thanks for visiting to remind me of what I should be doing.

  4. Great chat today, thanks for having over to the the porch!

  5. i used to be a good speller - and a good sentence phraser. being out of the work force and blogging is seeping it out of me, though. :) i'll take coffee, please. :)

  6. I love your lambing stories. I think we had the same evil dentist. So glad you host these chats.

  7. Our favorite board game around here is Trivial Pursuit. It gets rather rowdy, but it's fun. My dad's dad was a dentist but most of the ones I had growing up were like yours. The one we have now is like what people say my granddad was like- nice and gentle. How are you holding up since your baby went back to school?

  8. I liked the questions! How fun! I'm joining in this week! Thanks for hosting, Patrice!


  9. I love Apples to Apples... but I have no one to play with :(( Mr. Dreamy doesn't particularly care for games - he's an old curmudgeon!
    I can just see you pulling calves at 8 months pregnant - that's quite a picture.
    I hope to join the chat tomorrow.

  10. I like board games, but not the dentist. I go anyway :)

  11. i considered selling Mary Kay but never did... last year when i got my teeth cleaned it was awful! i lived in korea so i couldn't communicate except by moaning. she understood though!

  12. Patrice, did we have the same dentist?

    I love Scrabble, too. I love most word games, but I guess I'm the only one in my household that does. It is no fun playing Scrabble alone.

    How did you like your craft business? I've thought about doing one (jewelry making or crocheted items), but am a bit hesitant to try.

    Have a great week!

  13. Hi this is my first time reading your blog. Tammy from Country Girl at Home blogged about this and I followed the link.

  14. I love these chats Patrice :o)
    Thank you for your sweet comments, I've had to remove the side link to 'Victoria's Passions' as I cannot get it to work, but the link in the blog works okay.
    Have a great weekend!
    Rose H

  15. I have just finished reading everyones chats. I especially enjoyed the favourite games and board games ones. Some people enjoyed the game Sorry which triggered a childhood memory of when my dad would play that with me. Don't know why I didn't remember that when I was writing my answers.


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