Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 72

Everyday Ruralty
Hello, wonderful friends! I'm happy that you've chosen to visit the big hairy thing and me today. I'm referring to Wendell the Wonder Horse now that he has his winter coat.
Fuzzy was-he,
was a bear.
Fuzzy was-he
sure has hair.
Fuzzy was-he
is a horse.
Fuzzy was-he
is the great Wendell
-of course!
Okay, so the horse is a better poet than I. He'll have to share his poetry with you one day, but for now we'll go on with our chat. Why is everyone looking at me like I'm crazy? I'll explain about the horse and poems on another post.
  1. What's your favorite ornament on your tree? If you have no Christmas tree, please tell me about something pretty in your home that you enjoy.
  2. What do you do when a telemarketer calls?
  3. What was the last kind of candy you had? Admit it- you had one tiny little bite. We understand:)
  4. Do you send out Christmas cards? If not applicable- do you use snail mail?
  5. Please finish this. I sometimes wonder___________________________.
My answers:
  1. I have a small blown glass ornament from my family's tree. It's a vintage 1940- maybe. It's silver with a few flowers on it. I used to dream of having tea parties with silver tea pots when I was a little girl. After my mom died, my sisters brought me the ornament. It brings back fond memories.
  2. I usually hang up. I don't pester them. Why should they get to pester me? Funny story- My sister's significant  other(an elderly former minister) will talk with them like it's old school reunion. He asks them about their lives and will actually keep them on the phone for up to an hour. By the time he finishes, they usually have forgotten why they called him. It's s funny to be around when he is on one of those calls. You can hear him say, "Okay, Charlie. It was really great talking to you. Now you take care of that baby. I hope you can go back to school soon. Bye." He does this almost every time someone calls!
  3. I had some dark chocolate covered Tahitian Vanilla Caramels from Trader Joe's today. I don't eat  much candy, but they jumped out of the display and begged me to take them home. They never made it home. I'm sure all of the other candy there is filing a missing chocolates report as we speak!
  4. Yes, but I seem to send less each year. This year I did not participate with Shutterfly as a blogger, and my cards are nowhere near as pretty. :( It's the thought that counts. Right?
  5. I sometimes wonder why I need to see the suffering of others to be more keenly aware of my blessings. I am not fond of that part of my personality, and I'm working on being more aware of the good things. I'm working on being more grateful.I find myself saying things like, "Wow. With what that person has, I haven't got a problem in the world."


  1. I love how your sister's significant other deals with telemarketers. It brought back a memory of when Daddy died. We were working on the funeral arrangements and were checking with everyone we knew to find someone to sing at the funeral and everyone was tied up. We were taxing our brains to think of somebody when the phone rang. It was a loan company. They started telling Mom they had seen Dad's death in the paper and started pitching her a loan and asked if there was anything they could do to help her through this tough time. She was very upset at the callousness and hung up on them. Then she told us they offered their help. She said "I should have asked them if they could sing." Makes me laugh every time I think about it.

  2. I <3 you answer to the last question....I can so relate!!! Thanks for hosting every single week, I know it can be a task sometimes....but we so enjoy it!! You're so precious, Ms. Patrice!!! HOPE you have a great day and rest of the week. I've been thinking about you!!!

  3. I would love to be able to "converse" with a telemarketer like that - at least hear the conversation - that would be a blast.

  4. Always it is nice to stop in for a visit.

  5. I'll be back later with a link up, but wanted to answer your candy question. Last night, I was craving something (That prego thing.) I didn't know what. I opened the pantry door and looked right at the Heath bars on the shelf. I bought them for cookies, but I knew that must be what it was I was craving, so I ate one. It was good.

  6. The telemarketer thing made me think of something somewhat related. My boyfriend works as a salesman at 1-800 radiator, and spends his days calling automotive shops around the country to let them know they've expanded their inventory and tell them what they have to offer now. Most of the people he calls are nice, since its not exactly a telemarketer...since the people he calls actually order from them.

    However, once in a while he'll get someone that cusses at him or is super rude, then hangs up. So my boyfriend will call them back and say 'I'm sorry I think we got disconnected...I was going to tell you....' And the guy will cuss and yell and hang up again, sometimes he'll even call back a third time and be like 'wow our service must be so bad we're really losing connection here' until the guy on the other end has to say 'no I'm hanging up on you!!'

    It really takes the fun out of hanging up on someone hahaha

  7. We used to have horses when I was growing up, and I remember how fluffy and soft they would get in the wintertime :)

  8. sweet furry wendell. :)

    i sometimes wonder what my purpose is in life!

  9. ohh I wish I could brush that fluffy coat Hay Wendell you like a brushing?? Great chats today Patrice thanks for hosting !!! Blessings and love sent your way friend ^,^ ~Janice~

  10. I was bummed that Shutterfly didn't do the blogger program this year - I've done it the past 2 years.

  11. Haha, I think I like the idea of engaging telemarketers in conversation that has nothing to do with work! Then again, they're just trying to make a living. I'd hate to have that job.

    I don't think we can ever be grateful enough for all God has done for us. We just need to be a little more thankful each day.

    Have a blessed week!

  12. I love your telemarketer story...I would love to be a fly on the other person's wall while he's talking to them. I bet they hang up all confused :O)

    Have a blessed week.

  13. I used to date a guy and he would drive the telemarketers insane. He would start asking them all kinds of off the wall stuff and in the end they usually hang up on him. I have had a couple friends who had to work those jobs so I try to always be nice. I mean its not their fault and maybe its the only job they can get. I couldn't do it but to each his own.

  14. I finally made it back to comment. My days are running together anymore. What a kind man your sister's significant other is, I wish I could be more like that. I'm quite rude to them. They are the main reason we never plug our land line in and just use our cells.

  15. Love your poem... and I so totally understand the 'fuzzy was-he' - ness of draft horses! Oh, I wish I could bury my fingers in Wendell's coat!

  16. I had a Hershey's kiss this afternoon...okay maybe more than one. I send out many Christmas cards. A great way to catch up with friends far away.

  17. love the story about your sister's significant other... that's hilarious


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