Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 71

Everyday Ruralty
Hello, friends! Today would be a wonderful day on the porch. We've had COLD weather, but today is going to be in the sixties. Our pig, Bertha, is due to give birth at any time now. I hope that she chooses to do so when we have a nice warm day. Murphy's Law proves that farm animals (at least here) like to be born when it's snowing or raining- and definitely (!!!) when C.S.Farmer isn't here.
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  1. Do you have your tree up yet? If not, when will you put it up? If you don't have a tree, please tell me about another tradition you like.
  2. What was the best job you ever had? The worst?
  3. Do you drive around and look at Christmas lights? If not applicable, tell me something you like to look at when you go for a drive.
  4. Does your tea kettle have a whistle?
  5. Do you like boots?
My answers:
  1. We will put our tree up in about two weeks, when my oldest is home from college.
  2. The best was as a chef in a historic home. The worst was a number of retail jobs I had when I was young. Retail=yuck!
  3. I love to drive around and look at Christmas lights. I like it even better when the kids and I can enjoy them while we are going somewhere. There are quite a few light displays in this area. I'm looking forward to visiting a really big one this year. Hubby drives and I allow myself to be mesmerized by  the lights, just like a child.
  4. I love my tea kettle, but it does not have a whistle. I wish it did, because it is easy to forget it. When I was a teen, I actually melted one to my parents' stove! It was glowing red by the time I found it and I chipped the enamel on the stove trying to pry it from the surface. Oops! I don't remember them being upset. :)
  5. I LOVE boots. I would have twenty pair if I could afford them. I would wear them 365 days a year if the weather was right for that. I have been this way since I was a teen, but it seems to have gotten worse in the last ten years. I'm a bootaholic!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. That poinsettia is gorgeous. I adore them, but have never been able to keep one and it bloom the next year. I just wind up with a "stalk"!! ;-) HOPE you have a great day, my friend!!

  2. I love that pink poinsettia!! I planted one in the flower bed one year after Christmas just to see what it would do. That thing grew and looked so good even into summer, never bloomed though. I think I read somewhere you have to pot them a set them in a dark place and do all kinds of special things for them to bloom. Deb, eventually the one I set out lost it's leaves and became a stalk! But is was fascinating while it lasted. Great visit Patrice, thanks for letting me visit the porch! {{hugs}}

  3. That is very funny about the boots. I think I would if I ever went anywhere to wear them. I have my work pair but choose to wear my tennis shoes. I don't like to get my work pair dirty. :)
    Have a great day, I will be linking up later. I am late for school. :)

  4. 1. No tree; I'm using the excuse of having two kittens. The real reason, I just don't have it in me. I'm going to a friend's house for Christmas lunch; the holidays are still such a struggle and I'm happy just to get through them.
    2. Worst job was working for some young buck who thought himself a ladies man. He asked me to work one Sat morning; I went in and there he was, in a sleeping bag in the middle of the floor, flag at full mast and "pretending" to be asleep. I quietly let myself out and never returned. OH YUCK!
    Best job - taught in Russia, Armenia and Georgia - separate years.
    3. I have to drive 15 miles to town so looking at Christmas lights doesn't happen. Generally, at night, I'm home, tucked in behind locked gates. I have taped various Hallmark Christmas specials and will watch those, eventually.
    4. No whistle on the stove kettle but the electric kettle cuts off when it begins boiling. LOVE my electric kettle!
    5. BOOTS, BOOTS, BOOTS - I LOVE boots, especially ankle boots; have a pair on now. A pair of Ariats and I fancy I look purty good. hahaha

  5. Can not wait for piglet pictures Patrice please please pretty please?? Great questions :]

    1. I must take piglet pix when they're born so you can see them. :)

    2. I want to see little piggies, too!!! That made me laugh to type that 'cause that's what our baby GRANDson calls his toes....his piggies!!! ;-)

  6. i did have a pretty awful retail job in college... they would watch the video cameras to make sure we didn't socialize with other employees. lame!

  7. We love driving around to see the lights...When the Girl was still in her car seat we would shout, "Out! mama's window! or Out! daddy's window!", as she's gotten older we still say it...What's really funny though, is when we have other people in the truck with us, no matter what their age or "coolness" level, by the time the drive is over they're saying, "Out! mama's window!...Out! daddy's window!" too.


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