Monday, December 3, 2012

A Trip to a Shop Full of Christmas- part 1

Just before Thanksgiving Day, I took my four girls to a wonderful Christmas shop just outside of the nearest city. We spent a few hours there and had a great time. Today I will show you some of the fun things we saw. I will do a few posts of the decorations and one of an awesome train display. I just want to share with you.:)
I really like cardinals, so this guy caught my eye.

Birds!:) I think snow globes are awesome.

This elf had a chicken!


Tally-ho! This tree had a hunt theme.

This wasn't an ornament, but we thought he was cute. He's made from pine needles and natural things.

Also not ornaments, but they struck my fancy and made me smile.
I love alpacas and lambs. :)

They had many, many nutcrackers. They aren't as unique as the ones I used to paint, but they are colorful.

Sorry this one isn't clear, but the entire tree was decorated with stuffed dogs.

I'll post some more soon.


  1. No wonder we're kindred spirits....I adore cardinals, too....second to little owlies!! ;-) That one is adorable. Looking forward to more pics!!! HOPE you have a great day!!

  2. Wow that would be fun to go and visit.

  3. I love the fat nutcracker!
    It sure looks like a very interesting shop!

  4. I love the birds. My tree is full of birds.

  5. How pretty! The cardinal reminds me of my dad's mother. She loved red and birds, particularly Cardinals. I think that's why I fancy red AND cardinals too! Y'all have such fun things to do up there. You know, one of my dreams is to own alpacas! It's on my bucket list. Your okra ornament was the topic of much discussion when the college group came over for dinner last week. They LOVED it!

  6. Painting Nutcrackers? I love those little suckers. The Man's great aunt bought me a pair of large ones one year...Any hints on how I can snaz them up? Look forward to more pics from the shop.

  7. I like the birds! I have a few on my tree this year.


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