Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What does it take to nudge you?

Fall colors make me smile.

     I've been thinking a lot about motivation lately. I have so  many goals, dreams, and ideas. Daily, I'm busy with many things that have nothing to do with those goals. I'm just experiencing LIFE. No matter what you want from life, you still have to eat, have clean clothes, and care for those you love. 

     It boils down to priorities. It's amazing how something right  in front of you can move up the priority list quickly. There's a balance, and I suspect many of you struggle with this topic too. When dealing with ministry, C.S.Farmer says you have to minister to those in front of you first.

     This month's NaNoWriMo has been interesting for me. I love to write, and ideas flow like a faucet opened fully. Day to day life gives me lots of excuses for not doing the very thing I want to do. This month's project is going amazingly well. We are fourteen days into the month and  I have over 32,000 words. NaNoWriMo has the goal of 50,000. You have over 32,000 carrots? Go back to sleep, Wen. We're not talking about carrots. Talk about mixed up priorities! 

     Why am I producing that kind of word count, when I normally do only a fraction of  that? It boils down to focus and commitment. I told myself I was going to do this. I have let laundry back up (not too much). I let the family know how much this means to me. In short- I made my writing important. Hallelujah!

     Please tell me if this is something you deal with and how you handle it. I'd love to hear your story.


  1. Great topic Patrice. I need to be careful here or I will give you 50,000 words. Work/Life balance is a challenge for me. I have a full time job and care for my Mom at home with Alzheimers. Its a daily juggle with work committments often changing with little notice and then trying to shuffle caregivers who assist me. For now the priorities are tied for top - earning a living and caring for her. The other things I would "like" to do get squeezed in wherever possible. So many things have been "deferred" and the majority of the time, that's OK. She needs me more now than I need to travel or socialize or whatever.
    Am I succeeding? I never know, I just go one day at a time.

  2. I am so impressed that you have wrote that many words in 14 days. I know I have been amazed watching Kessie, write and have three little kids. I do think it has to be a priority. Not to mention you went out on the limb and made that commitment. I always think that we have to do at the time what like your hubby said, "what is right in front of you." I think this is a really good question though. I will have to give it more thought.

  3. YAY Patrice!! Keep on writing can't wait to read it & blessings to you ~Janice~

  4. I'm so proud of you. I'm most productive when I have a deadline. HOPE you're taking care of YOU during all of this!!!

  5. Great post. I understand how it is to have goals you want to work towards but you have other stuff you have to do first! It can be frustrating sometimes. Just try to do more of the things you love (although that is easier said than done most of the time).

  6. Hey Patrice, what kind of book are you writing? I just added you as a buddy. I'm hitting mid-book-slump, so I think it's time to brainstorm up the Big Middle. Someone will die and something will explode. I LOVE those!

  7. Patrice, I am so tickled that you are sticking to your goal. I hope you will share your story when you've finished. I struggle daily with priorities too. With work, homeschool, travel schedules, laundry, .... the list goes on & on, sometimes I feel overwhelmed, & it does me good to do just one little thing I enjoy to help me get back on track. I also think that it's great that you told your family that it was important to you & they are supporting you. And 32,000 words in 14 days W.O.W.!!!!


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