Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review of Living Clay

I had the pleasure of trying some products from the Living Clay Company. I was not a stranger to the company, so I was very happy to sample some new things. Let me show you what I got.

This wonderful bar of soap has such awesome ingredients. I don't feel bad about using it on my skin. The lavender isn't just a scent. Lavender is one of the ingredients. You can tell by the pleasing, non-phony  scent.  I'd like to try the Tangerine Almond Soap and the Mint Soap. This is fantastic!

Then I got to try this lovely Citrus Green Tea Body Cream. Look at how creamy it is! Better yet, look at my hands before and after using it.

One paw BEFORE

The same paw AFTER
I have very fair skin that's extremely dry and sensitive. Years of art supplies, including pottery clay, have done a number on my hands. Years as a professional chef meant my hands were washed and washed and washed... I love this body cream for my hands. I tried it after shaving my legs and it was wonderful. One day I used it on my hands just before going to church. During the car ride one of my daughters asked what smelled SO good. It was the Citrus/Green Tea of this lotion that she noticed. Living Clay has another body cream without scent.
This Cleansing Clay Mask is the best thing for my teenage daughters. You should see how great their skin looks. 

I really like this product. The Rejuvenation Face Cream makes my dry facial skin look moist and radiant. We had a few super windy days since it's gotten cold. This kept me from looking like a piece of wadded up tissue paper. I have DRY skin and our pellet stove is SO warm and SO drying. I would seriously love to try their wrinkle release cream- uh, just in case I might have a teeny, tiny, little wrinkle thinking about appearing. Who am I trying to fool? I have more wrinkles than a woman my age should. Most of them are on my forehead from the days when I was a cop. We wore stetsons with our uniform and the hat band puts a lot of pressure on the forehead skin. Between that and my early quests for the "perfect tan", I have a wrinkle or two! I like this product.

I have been using clay for detoxification for over a year now. It is absolutely incredible. If you would like to find out more about using this product, please check out the book 'Living Clay'. I took it out of the library and liked it so much that I bought a copy. 

I like the Living Clay Company. I will continue to do business with them. They have free shipping to the lower 48 state by UPS ground during November. I know it's late in November, but you can still get an order in before November is over. The book is worth a read. Please take time and visit their website section that tells you About Living Clay. There is a lot more to read on their website. Guess what?

They're letting my do a giveaway! Here's what you can win:
A Mini- Facial Gift Bag
A $39.95 value containing:
4 oz. Cleansing Clay Mask
Citrus Green Tea Body Cream
Lavender Bar Soap
- all in a pretty gift bag-

How to Enter:
1. Follow Everyday Ruralty on GFC- a must do :) (one entry)
2. Visit the wonderful folks at Living Clay and tell me two products you'd like to try. - a must do (one entry)
3. Visit them and tell me if you need to hurry to get the free shipping offer. ( one entry)
4. If you write something about this on your blog, and send your readers to enter my giveaway, you will get FIVE entries!
You must leave a comment telling me which things you've done. You can leave one comment or one for each entry- whatever you prefer. :)

This giveaway will end on December 7th at midnight EST. I will draw using I will email you if you win, so please make sure you have an email in your comments to me.

Now for the legal requirement for bloggers who have giveaways. I regret no handsome lawyer to say this dribble for you, but I will say it. I was given the products in the first picture to review. I was not obligated to review them, but I wanted to. I was not obligated  to give a positive review, but I wanted to. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am opinionated, outspoken, and honest. I have refused to give reviews when I thought the products were BLAH :P. So tell us what you really think, Patrice? :)


  1. I actually made some bentonite clay toothpaste. Of course, I am unable to use it being pregnant because I gag...

    I'm a follower already! I'm headed over to their site now.

  2. Ugh! Something tells me being the first to leave comments isn't a good thing. I don't think Rafflecopter ever picks low numbers. Bummed already. Regardless, here it goes.

    I honestly can't choose. The thought of having a wonderful cream to help my extremely dry hands is a great one. My hands look worse than yours on some days. I think I would also choose the face mask for my oldest daughter. I have some bentonite clay powder in my cupboard, but haven't mixed together a purify mask for her yet.

    I think I would also get some of those bars of soap. The tangerine almond sounds wonderful - but again, I am pregnant and smells don't go well with me regardless of how yummy they smell. I hate it!

  3. I think we need to hurry for free shipping...that's all I am saying. :)

  4. Hi Patrice - the blow up mattresses I have are Coleman and they are actually quite comfortable. When I moved, I slept on one of them for over a month until I got a new bed ( had a waterbed and was afraid to put it upstairs).

  5. I would like to try the muscle rub...and the conditioning lotion!!!

  6. Ooohhh....I've done #1, 2, and will do #4 (post a link on my blog)...I'd REALLY love the body cream and a bar of the soap. My hands are SO dry from constantly washing them (with 30 students, I wash them a LOT every day). I have cracked skin on my thumbs that is so bad it bleeds!!!! That's pretty pathetic! I've had to put bandaids on them! I already follow you on Facebook, too! :-) Thanks for the info...even if I don't win, I may buy a couple of their products, especially the body cream!

  7. Okay, I just put mention on my blog for you. Yeah! I just hope I get people over on my blog. I just restarted it. So, I get five entries? So, does that mean I do this five times? :) That's one.

  8. Patrice, please delete this if I am doing it wrong. Four?

  9. And five...I'm done now. Oh, and anyone interested, there's a great I-Pad giveaway over at

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  11. I try to use living clay on a daily basis. I drink it and bath in it. It has helped me tremendously! I would love to try the body cream and the Clay Mask.

  12. wow, that body cream looks awesome! my skin is so dry but i hate lotion for some reason...

  13. YES PLEASE! I. AM. IN!
    Ok, I already follow you, of course!
    I would love to try the mask and the liquid clay. Or maybe the body cream. Or...well, you get the idea.
    I looked all over their website for the shipping thing and couldn't find anything---but if you just mean do I want to hurry so I can get free shipping then YES! LOL

  14. OOOOOOH! Is all I can say :O) So I already follow you...I REALY want to try the Cleansing Clay Mask, I use a drug store brand/type called MUDD, but this one sounds way better...I already missed the November shipping deals, but I can save 20% on my entire order this month...I will be mentioning this give away tomorrow on our Farmhouse Porch Chat :O)....OH! One more thing I could say...Friday, December 7 is my birthday! Winning this would make the sting of 41 a lot less stingy.... ;O)


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