Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 70

Everyday Ruralty
Greetings! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. For those of you who don't celebrate it, I hope you've had a good week. I'm late posting this today because I have two sick kids, rabbits in my well who managed to turn the "off" switch, and a full day of farm work in the cold and rain. If you can possibly curl up with a cup of tea or coffee, please do so for me. Let's start the chat!
  1. Do you still write letters (snail mail)?
  2. Do you sing?
  3. Did you participate in Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday?
  4. How many guests can you have spend the night at your house? Could Wendell fit?
  5. Have you ever gone fishing?
My answers:
  1. Yes, but not as often as I'd like. Too busy with too many things.
  2. Yes! I love to sing. I used to study voice, but it's quite rusty since I'm no longer a spring chicken. We have a very musical church and I sing like crazy. Huh? The same people never sit near me- hummmm?? I wonder...
  3. I had Cyber Friday
  4. One if they don't mind lots of cats and ferocious dogs. We have our employee trailer when there is no one in it, so I guess you could say another 4-5 could stay there. We don't use it for that, but we could.
  5. As a child, but I never liked taking the fish off the hook.. I was okay baiting it though.
I hope everyone has a great week. "Gone Country" please contact me if you read this- you won the Paleo cookbook. I sent an email, but haven't heard. I would like you to have it since Random.org picked YOU! Check in tomorrow for a review and giveaway from the Living Clay Company!

If you missed my post- I went over my 50,000 words for the NaNoWriMo challenge! yay!


  1. I occasionally write snail mail letters, but find I don't have time. I don't think I write emails either.

    I am a singer...I used to sing in church, but I think my voice has gotten a bit rusty as well. Age? Motherhood? Who knows, but I still sound okay - so people have said.

    No black Friday for me and no cyber Monday. I had never heard of Small Business Saturday until this Sunday. I guess I missed it.

    As for overnight guests. WE have two twin beds in the guest room, but we have cots and couches. We also have an extra twin bed in on room. I guess it all depends on who comes. There would be room for Wendell outside.

    I loved fishing! Worming the hook was fun, but I don't think I ever caught anything.

  2. Congratulations on your writing challenge!

  3. Hi, Ms. Patrice....just wanted to stop by and say "hi". We've got a bunch going on this week, so I'm not gonna get to answer your questions. HOPE you have a great week...stay warm!!!

  4. Do you still write letters (snail mail)? i love writing letters. need more folks to write too. my grandparents have moved on to the eternal lands.
    Do you sing? i love the sing ... not sure if others would enjoy it or not. ha. ha!! singing in the shower & the car are my favorites the sounds are just amazing!!!
    Did you participate in Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday? nope. we looked but no great deals in our opinion. it seems others enjoyed it though... i heard that amazon did a fabulous job. good for them.
    How many guests can you have spend the night at your house? Could Wendell fit? come on over Wendell i am ready. not sure the neighbor would like it though. we aren't allow any farm animals. please don't get angry Wendell i feel you are more than any old farm animals ... you are special & one of a kind. we love you so ...
    Have you ever gone fishing? use to do it all the time as a kid. i don't think i've been since i was of adult age. it's high time i go. ha. ha!! ( :

    hey friend i have a Christmas giveaway going ... come on over ... bring your friends would you please. big hugs. have a great week

  5. No Black Friday stuff for me. I will do a bit of cyber shopping, but not much. I have spent many a day fishing. I do not sing. We have enough room for about 4-5 people to stay at our farmette and plenty of room for Wendell :)

  6. Hi Patrice - it's late (for me anyway) but I wanted to stop by and play. Just updated my blog; hope you're having a quiet evening, thanks!

  7. LET WENDELL KNOW WE WOULD ALWAYS MAKE ROOM FOR HIM!!! Love the chat this week I haven't been in the mood to shop anyway or how
    excited to hear of your writing good for you!!


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