Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 69

Everyday Ruralty
Welcome to the porch! Today was cool and very bright. Wendell was sunning himself on a hill in his pasture. We were getting our turkeys ready for market. I can't believe Thanksgiving is just two days away. It's one of my favorite times of year.

  1. What's the last thing you baked?
  2. What's your favorite condiment?
  3. Do you have a smart phone, dumb phone, or no phone(we're talking about cell phones)?
  4. Do you have a favorite card game?
  5. Tell me ten things you're thankful for - please:)
My answers:
1. I baked Pumpkin cranberry bars with cream cheese frosting for our volunteers who helped us with our turkeys today.
2. I've always been fond of ketchup. Just ask my fries. They're requesting scuba gear since I like to drown them! Did I tell you I like ketchup on my fries?
3. dumb phone
4. I love the game Canasta. My grandmother taught it to everyone in my family. She was really good at it and taught us lots of ways to be clever when playing. I taught them to my own family, so they're hard to beat. It's more fun when it's challenging.
5. -Jesus
    -My family
    -Our farm
    -Our animals
    -Good food
    -Our church
    -Books- both the ones I read and the ones I write
    -Each new day

Sunbathing Wendell

Wendell's answers:
  1. Sorry, that's Patrice's job. I can't fit a hoof in those pot holder things!
  2. Carrots
  3. You'll have to write me- no phone.
  4. I don't play cards, but my favorite game is running away from Patrice when she tries to take my picture.
  5. 1.Carrots,2.Apples, 3.Patrice if she has carrots or apples, 4.My horse friends, 5. My blog friends, 6.Hay when my pasture turns brown, 7.My barn, 8. Carrots, 9. Grain, when I get some, 10. Did I say carrots yet?



  1. I haven't played Canasta in years. My cousin Jimmy taught it to me when we were young. I had forgotten all about that. Thanks for triggering the memory.

  2. Very nice questions today. I will be posting them a bit later. Thank you. I can't believe we are at week 69 That is incredible. My grandmother always played Canasta.

  3. I love, love, love your THANKful list. One thing I've very grateful is precious blogging friends that feel like we've known each other forever, yet we've never met. Those we can e-mail and share our concerns and prayer requests with. People like you, Sweet Lady!!! HOPE you have a blessed THANKSgiving!!! In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine, too....Deb

  4. cute wendell.

    enjoy your holiday, patrice!

  5. I love Wendell's answers, I think the boy has an issue with carrots!!! teehee Patrice, praying you and your family have a Blessed and Wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. In my responses to your questions I forgot to say how much I enjoyed Wendell's responses and his picture. Wendell is one good looking guy!

  7. OHH how beautiful Wendell is sunbathing HAY Wendell!!! This was a super chat today I love the list. I agree with the other comments as well blog friends like you and them are so great a true blessing of thankfulness!! Have a great Thanksgiving and gobble gobble until you wooble!!

  8. I did the blog!


    I have never ran across your blog before but will begin following when I get home and am on a computer!

  9. Wendell, you haven't tasted carrots until you taste our home-grown ones... there's no way American soil is as good as Scottish soil for growing 'em ;)

    Missing our chat ... enjoying reading your answers though :)
    Anne x

  10. I made a pan of chocolate chip cookie bars. I make one pan of these each week, for snacks/lunch boxes. I have a smart phone and rather like it! I totally have a card playing disability. No joke. Has never appealed to me. I am so thankful for my farm and family. As a child I always wanted to come here and live. And, I got my wish.

  11. I would love the recipe to your pumpkin cranberry bars :oP They sound de-lish. I love your Thankful List too, especially your #1...He's my #1 Guy too :o) Have a blessed Thanksgiving & Thank You for the chat.

  12. I'd love to learn how to play Canasta! I also have no clue what Bridge is or how to play but I think it would be fun. I wish we could get together and have a Card Party! They are so much fun :)


  13. Those pumpkin cranberry bars sound yummy - I wish I wasn't allergic to berries. Maybe I can make them with carrots instead, and share them with Wendell!

    Have a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving Patrice. May the Lord fill your home with laughter and joy.


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