Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 67

Everyday Ruralty
Hello, friends! The weather has been cool, but beautiful lately. We had an open farm day on Sunday and it went well. It started with coffee and pastries in the morning, a worship service in our barn, lunch, farm demos, and a big bonfire with smores. I was sitting on a straw bale, having my lunch while visiting with a guest. I noticed someone moving near me, but it took a minute to register that it was my oldest daughter. She was supposed to be at college, and told us she couldn't attend the event. I was so happy that she surprised us. She was happy that she pulled off the surprise.
Wendell didn't know what to think with all the people around. There wasn't a carrot in sight. Molly greeted all the people, as D3 helped them know where to park. Molly had orange and brown leg wraps, a big orange flower above her braided tail, and leaves woven in her hair, bridle, and saddle blanket. She was the "bell of the ball".
  1. Are you planning on doing most of your Christmas shopping in stores, or online?
  2. Have you ever been to a bonfire?
  3. What would "simplifying life" mean to you?
  4. Tell me about one blog you really enjoy reading.
  5. Have you ever had someone who isn't in your family, but felt just like family?
My answers:
  1. It will probably be a balance of the two. It's less tiring to price things you're looking for online, but in-store specials can be quite good.
  2. Sunday :)
  3. The two answers that jumped up first and said, "Take me! Take me!" were buying less, and getting rid of clutter.
  4. You know that I used to be a chef. I'll state right here and now, that I've never been one for cake decorating. I did my sister's wedding cake, and resisted every urge to throw it while working on it. Not my idea of fun! Therefore, I get a real kick out of visiting the blog Cake Wrecks. I usually have to stop reading it because my ribcage hurts from laughing so hard. I've been known to go there when I need a good laugh. Who doesn't need that at one time or another?
  5. I grew up with so many of my mom's friends being called Aunt -- or Uncle --. At one point  in my childhood, I asked her which of these folks were really family. I was shocked to find out what a small family we had. I've had a few surrogate grandmother's in my day. Right now, we have some awesome young folks who work or help out on our farm. When they're all around our table at the mid-day meal, I feel like we have a big family. The Amish must feel good always having lots of people at their table. We have an Amish friend that has over eighty grandkids!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. In all my days of baking, I have never tackled a wedding cake....and never will. The thought of it intimidates me. I will have to check out the blog you recommended. I wish I could declutter some, but as soon as I do I ended up looking for something I tossed in the process. Have a great Tuesday. Thanks for letting us chat.

  2. I finally made it back to the porch! I missed it! Hope everyone is well up there! How's the college girl getting along?

  3. It is wonderful to have a lot of friends who are like family members, isn't it? Have a wonderful week.

  4. Now I'm going to have to check out Cake Wrecks.

  5. awww. sweet of your d1 to surprise you.

  6. Hi, Ms. Patrice!!! Oh, how I wish I could have came to your place over the weekend....what fun!! Church in the barn....that would be so neat!!! Sorry that poor Wendell got no carrots...bless his heart!!! Thanks for letting me join in this week and HOPE the rest of your week is blessed!!!

  7. oh another great blog suggestion I want to see what cake wrecks is about thanks Patrice & HAY Wendell. Glad the daughter got to surprise you so neat! ~Janice~

  8. Eighty grandkids! Wow! Looks like television has its uses after all :)

  9. Awww, what a lovely surprise for you :) Love it!

    I'm off to answer my own questions, and join you on the porch again. I've really missed our chats. My post tomorrow may be my last ... for some time, at least.
    Anne x

  10. Mostly online shopping for me. I don't enjoy the crowds and stress. I have been to a bonfire before, though it has been a few years.

  11. I'd love to be at a bonfire someday. It sounds like fun. I don't know that they'd go over very well in South Florida, though. Too hot for something like that.

  12. Wo hoo! I actually linked up this time, the whole nine yards! :-)

  13. Miss this week but wanted to answer the questions anyway, Patrice.
    1. I'm making most of Christmas gifts, as usual. Some quilts, throws and kitchen goodies.
    2. I have bonfires at the farm and invite the valley...most of 'em. The fun ones.
    3. Not having so many animals to take care of but knowing they had a great home.
    4. For another good laugh, click on the blog entry on my Thursday blog...HILARIOUS!
    5. I'm closer to some friends than some family and that's okay.


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