Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scary Wendell

Wendell wanted to try his hand at scaring me this Halloween.

I've just seen my horse with Tina Turner hair! I am scared.

Wendell, why don't you try trick or treating instead of trying to scare people.
"Because you won't let me out of my pasture."
Oh, I guess you're right. That would put a damper on things.
"How else am I suppose to get carrots from all the neighbors?"
I don't know, Wen. I'm pretty sure they don't give carrots to Tina Turner. Maybe we can dress you as a carrot next year.


  1. That is a cool picture. Happy Halloween to you and Wendell.

  2. This is just too funny. I'm surprised his mane isn't all over his head with the winds!!! Happy Owl-oween to you and Mr. Wendell. HOPE you have a great day!!! Thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving such a sweet comment. I enjoy our conversations...and I'll keep you posted on our new little one!!!

  3. I think Wendell looks like a zombie horse! Love those eyes - they can see right through one's soul!

  4. I love that picture and hope he is getting some carrots for Halloween!

  5. TOO Cute! WE have two black cats at the moment, our contribution to the theme of Halloween. Boo! to you and yours! :-)

  6. First time visitor ... in love with Wendell! Tell him he's sexy!

  7. Hahahahahaha!!! Love it Wendell! Happy Halloween!

  8. Love the pic. Wendell, I hope you had a Happy Halloween!


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