Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pep's Feeding Time

Everything on the farm enjoys feeding time. The people enjoy the meals. The pets flip over their food. The farm animals are always happy to see their dinner.

Pep always enjoys a good meal. I wanted to show you how Pep acts when D3 takes her back to her little house (shed) and feeds her at night. The white bucket contains her food. It's a very short film, but notice the little hop she does in the middle of their walk. Cute! This was taken before she hurt her leg.

Just an update for those who read about Pep's injury on this week's Chats on the Farmhouse Porch. She did not break her leg, but does have an injury. She seems oblivious to the injury and loves the look of her new pink leg wrap. Draft horse, Rocky, was embarrassed to be seen in a pink leg wrap, but his abscess is better now. Neither Pep, nor Rocky are ready to be moving the way they used to. I'm sure "bed(stall) rest" will help them heal. Thanks for all of the prayer and good wishes.

Thursday Favorite Things


  1. Oh, I hope Pep and Rocky feel much better soon!

  2. Patrice that looks like a happy little goat.
    I've been so preoccupied with my own menagerie of calves and sick animals and injuries that I missed reading your post about Pep's injury.
    Sending some love and healing thoughts Pep and Rocky 's way. I hope for speedy recovery.

  3. Loved the short film, and I hope Pep recovers quickly!

  4. Cute video! Pep is so excited for the food! Hope she has a speedy recovery :)

  5. Oh I do hope Pep and Rocky heal fast. B

  6. Pep sure has a "pep in her step"!!! ;-) HOPE both she and Rocky get better soon!!!

  7. Aww! How cute is that! Hope she's son fully recovered.
    Rose H

  8. Oh this is such an adorable and loving post ~ glad everyone is 'on the mend' ~ loved the video and her 'little hop' ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  9. what a darling little hop!
    i hope she feels better

  10. I'm glad they aren't feeling the effects of their injuries -- Pep is such a cute girl. :)

  11. That is the cutest little hop on the video. Hope Pep is healing.
    I am enjoying browsing through your older posts this evening. What a lovely blog.


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