Friday, October 19, 2012

Goodies from E. Lizardbreath

Hello, friends! Every now and then, I enter a giveaway. I was visiting a neat lady named Beth at her blog elizardbreathspeaks. I believe she named the blog after one of her old nicknames. I guess that is quite a nickname compared to" Pa-Ta-Reese", "Snow White and the seven allergies", and a few other nicknames I won't own. Lizard breath? Has anyone ever noticed a lizard's breath? Just asking...

Beth was celebrating her blog-a-versary and had a little giveaway. I got a nice email that said I won. Won what? C.S.Farmer said it was going to be something like her Aunt Bertie's fruitcake from thirty years ago. Even as I sent her my information, I didn't know what would arrive. I figured if the postman could lift it alone and it wasn't making whines, growls, or scratching sounds, I was probably okay. Just kidding, Beth- I'm horrible about the unknown and a party pooper when it comes to surprise parties. My sense of adventure-uh- isn't. So, I went back and read some of her old posts, since I was new to her blog. She seemed like such a fun lady. Now I was expecting some of those spring things that go everywhere when you open a box. They might come in handy. (Surprises for a tack box, meat freezers, the refrigerator- okay, trying too hard to be spontaneous here! Enough.)

Here is the wonderful goodie box I got from Beth:
It was decorated with lots of fun stickers.

This was my favorite sticker, since it makes me think of our pig, Petunia.

There were lots of neat make-up samples (no covergirl or maybelline here!), and lots of tea. Did I tell you a million times how much I love tea? If not, I need to tell you more.

A pretty, scented candle was wrapped in orange tissue with a raffia ribbon.

Sticky notes for me- pencils for the kids
Lots of stickers! Beth likes stickers. So does my youngest child!

She also sent a garden magazine and a Williamsburg calendar. I love Williamsburg! I like to garden too. Beth  may not know this, but I used to run the greenhouses for our business. We do about six acres in veggies.

Beth- Thank you for the goodies! I'm happy to see that you joined in on Leaves for Leontien. The blogworld loves Leontien and I think this was a great link-up. I need to run now- I'm off to put stickers all over Wendell and try to convince him that it's his Halloween costume! :)


  1. i do believe you and your girls can put those goodies to good use. :)

  2. i wonder if Wendell will laugh & enjoy all those stickers? i love this post. so funny!! thanks, for the shout Patrice. i'm laughing & giggling. LOL so hard i have tears. ha. ha!! you & the girls enjoy!! pamper yourself with a cuppa of tea & sit a spell. big hugs. (:

  3. What a great package! Congratulations!

  4. How fun! Beth is a great girl! Congratulations on getting her fun package.

  5. What a fun person Ms. Beth must be!!! A great win!! I know you'll enjoy all the neat teas!!!

  6. Haha! What a fun giveaway. Wendell looks all ready for Halloween. :)

  7. congrats on the fun win and love the picture of Wendell.

  8. A very nice give away so glad you won.

  9. What a great package!!! I love stickers too- so do the kids at school. It's amazing what kindies will do for not talk in the hall. LOL Love the picture of Wendell with the stickers- so funny! Now you've made me want to go to Michael's for stickers. Dang it. :)

  10. Oh, Beth is a wonderful person.
    Congratulations on winning.
    A gift? are fantastic.
    I send greetings.

  11. Oh I loved all the little gifts you got.. the candle was my favorite! Congratulations on winning :) The last photo is amazing too hahaha :)

  12. Oh, Wendell! You are a good stick (er) horse!

  13. Wonderful gifts. Bloggy friends are the best! Love the horse with stickers it made me laugh the perfect start to the day xo


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