Friday, October 26, 2012

Frankenstorm and the flu

My Cosmos don't know it's October.

I'm on a new exercise program. I run up and down the stairs with a thermometer, water, and medications. I decided that I needed a new scent too. Ode to Clorox. It's the new me. :( Actually, my youngest came down with the flu. It hit her the morning of her oldest sister's 18th birthday. We had planned a trip to college to pick the oldest up, have a picnic and enjoy a historic site. What is it they say about the best made plans?

After two days of constant temps between 102 and 104 (that scares the mama) she broke the fever and just has all the nose and throat symptoms. I'll take that! I know that fever has a purpose. I generally let my family (and myself) cook when we're sick, but over 102, I try to bring it down. There was no bringing it down with this child, but I refused to let it get over 104. I had my daughter in a luke-warm tub twice and trickled cool water in until she cooled down. Both times, it worked. I prayed a lot. At night, I was afraid of sleeping through and having my little one spike a higher fever without me knowing, so I used the Water Torture Method on myself. Every time I got up to check her, I drank a huge glass of water. The old bladder woke me up on a regular basis and her fever never went over 102. It might sound crazy, but I knew it would work.   I'm constantly being told to drink more water. :)

What happened with the oldest? Well. 18 years earlier she was born sooner than expected and had problems breathing. She had to be taken to the city hospital by helicopter. I wasn't allowed to go after a c-section, so her dad went with her. It was kind of the same thing this week. With sick in the house, her dad picked her up at college, took her to a favorite restaurant, then to her favorite city for a walk and time at the city dock. I was sorry to miss that, but I was busy with my fevered one. I was so glad that one of us could be with her to celebrate.

Frankenstorm? That's what  they're calling it. I don't want it. No flu! No Frankenstorm! No kidding!

I hope you have a good weekend. I hope that any of you in the path of this storm are safe.


  1. oh, sorry to hear your home's been hit with the flu, too! kim (farmgirl) has it in her place too!

    stay safe. stay warm. stay well if you can!

  2. Sending you & the family healing prayers Patrice.
    Be safe take care <3

  3. Sorry to learn that the flu has visited your house. I'm glad that you have everything under control but being sick isn't fun. You seem to know just what to do to keep the fever from going too high. Sending healing prayers to you and your family. I hope that you are feeling better.


  4. Isn't it terrible to have to worry about the fever? Em's did the whole vomiting and other things and now it has been replaced with the high fever too. I am like you, I let it run but once it gets to 103, I make it stop. She has been so very sick. I am afraid for the rest of the house. I feel like my house is full of germs. I hope you get your washing machine fixed.
    I don't know what I would do without one. I am so thankful for my mint. That has helped her stomach to relax. I do hope Frankenstorm isn't as bad as it is being forecast. I have been worried sick. Hang in there my friend. I didn't sleep much last night either.

  5. Please stay safe during this storm. We will too.

  6. Goodness Patrice, I do hope your youngest is on the mend now and that the birthday girl had a lovely day despite plans gone awry. Belated birthday wishes to her!
    Hope you are okay too and feel less stressed - stay well my friend.
    Rose H

  7. First of all your cosmos are so pretty. Second, I'm so sorry that you've had such a rough week. Glad your youngest is feeling better and HOPE that the rest of you don't get sick, too. As for the storm....I'm not sure what's happening here (in East TN), but it's getting colder and cloudier as I speak. The low's next week at night are gonna be in the 30's...I'm not so sure I'm ready for cold weather....I know my bones aren't!! HOPE your weekend is much better than the week has been!!!

  8. Wow, this storm really frightens me for all in its path. Happy that the flu is being conquered in your home, and I'm sorry that you couldn't be there for your oldest's special day.

    Take care of yourself, and batten down the hatches!


  9. Glad to hear the youngest is doing better. Your oldest's birth scare is similar my DD#2. I had a C-section with her and she had trouble breathing, as well. They called in a neonatologist on staff. All was well, but for the first 24-hours they had to observe her closely in the nursery. God watched over our wee ones is all I can say. I'll try to get back on cue with visiting Chats on your front porch, but lately things have been out of whack for me. Thanks for visiting! PS: I hope ya'll are spared any trouble from the storm.

  10. Yikes! Here's to a dry (one can hope) and flu-free rest of the weekend!

  11. all that sickness sounds gruesome; hope all are well and healthy SOON!


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