Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 65

Everyday Ruralty
Tobacco stacks in the neighbor's field 
(Don't they look like little tepees?)

Welcome to the porch! It's a wee bit chilly in the morning, but it heats up to be in the 60s during the day. The sky has been bright blue and the sun has been shining so all of the gorgeous colors of fall are highlighted. I love this time of year. I think it's a day for a big mug of tea. I'm serving some of the teas from the giveaway that I posted about last week.

  1. I just posted about some spice canisters yesterday. Do you have any funny stories about spices?
  2. Have you ever carved a pumpkin?
  3. What's your favorite fall meal?
  4. Do you have a hunter in the family?
  5. Pretend that I just won a big cash prize. Ooo! I like this already:) One of the stipulations of the prize is taking a friend out for a shopping spree and spending $1000 on them. Let's say I'm coming to your house because I chose YOU. Where would we go and what would we buy? No party poopers allowed! Have fun with this. I only wish it was real. 
My answers:
  1. I had a big dinner party once and we have a very long table. Friends were seated all around the table, so passing dishes was required. Passing salt and pepper was too. One of my friends had a bit too much to drink, so every time someone asked for the salt and pepper she would study the shakers and then use them on her dinner. I'm sure she had passed them at least a dozen times, using them each time they went around. Can you imagine what her dinner tasted like? !!! That must be why my mom always had salt and pepper at each end of the table.
  2. Yes. They are not my best medium for art, but it's fun to do.
  3. I love my Cranberry Beef Stew, with tons of Baby Bella Mushrooms, served over egg noodles, with a salad, vegetable that strikes my fancy that day, and crusty bread to mop up the gravy. Yum!
  4. Sometimes. C.S.Farmer likes to hunt, but doesn't have the time. He does have the inspiration though- the deer ate 3000 sweet potato plants this season. Gone- vanished- poof! 3000!!! My dad used to hunt for big stuff out west. I have a precious friend who likes to hunt with her hubby. She attempts to be stylish in camouflage  I must say that she manages to look quite lovely. I think the plan is for the deer to stop and admire her so the hubby has time for a shot. Don't know- just speculating:)
  5. Nope! I asked you first...



  1. Oh, what divine questions this week. I had so much fun planning our outing. The salt/pepper store was a great laugh to start my day.

  2. I love your answer to #4!!! I can't believe that 3,000 sweet taters were eaten...what a waste!!! Pretty in camo so the deer will admire her....great visual!!! HOPE the rest of your week is blessed, sweet Friend!!!

  3. Loved the story about the salt and pepper! I never could have much of a garden when I was in the country. The deer would eat everything I planted.

  4. Fun questions Patrice!
    1. I once put chopped jalapenos into a casserole instead of diced chilies. Let's just say it was spicier than it was supposed to be.
    3. My favorite fall meal is chili and cornbread, though I would love to try your stew recipe. Stew is another favorite for fall.
    5. I honestly couldn't think of much I could use for a shopping spree. Perhaps fencing for the kids' yard as well as a dog yard. Or, maybe some maternity clothes. ((wink))

  5. I was so busy yesterday but I love me some chatting so day late but I am in :]
    Happy wednesday Patrice oh and hay Wendell!!

  6. Okay, Patrice 3,000 sweet potatoes! I want to hunt that deer...I bet it's not only FAT, but sweet too :o) Then we can make a big pot of venison stew for the next porch chat. have a blessed week.


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