Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 64

Everyday Ruralty
It's been delightful weather to sit on the front porch and visit. Welcome! Wendell won't be joining us today, since he's spending all of his time with Ricky. Ricky is half of our Percheron team, Rocky and Ricky. I was worried that Ricky would fall apart without his best friend, especially since he relies on Rocky ( he's partially blind). Wendell is being a good friend and helping out until Rocky is back in the pasture. Thanks for the good wishes and prayer for Rocky. His leg is improving, but he seems to have some type of eye infection. We're treating it daily and hope to have it under control soon. D3 and her good friend groomed him. They braided his forelock, and I think he looks like a unicorn with a floppy horn- just saying!
  1. Who do you look like in your family?
  2. Would you rather read a novel, a poem, a magazine, or a how-to book?
  3. Is there anything in your future that seems challenging, daunting, or "larger than life"?
  4. Do you have any big projects for this season? (DIY/household/craft or sewing/home business/ whatever you consider a project)
  5. Please finish this: It made me so happy to_________________.
My answers:
  1. I look like my horse, Wendell. No- actually, I look like my mom, but I have my dad's height and his forehead.
  2. Novels! I read about 3-4 novels a month when I'm not in a deep writing mode. I like a poem every now and then. How-to books are always interesting if they pertain to something I want to do. I get to read magazines in the chiropractor's office, and I read some hand-me-down magazines from a friend.
  3. I'm planning on participating in NaNoWriMo (note their item #5). It stands for National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write 50,000 words from the first day of November until the last. I will be duct taping my family, starving myself except for tea and chocolate, ignoring the pets, getting cable TV to keep Wendell busy, and only blogging when I'm not typing my fingers off. Will I finish with the correct word count? Stay tuned and see. I'm hoping to have a word count badge on this blog so you can see how I'm doing. I hope you will drop by during the month of November and give me an extra dose of encouragement.
  4. I think #3 could answer this question, but I actually have other projects that I will fiercely ignore during November! I am going to tackle my overstuffed storage shed and "take no prisoners". I hope to also clear out a useless file cabinet with old schlep. I love that word. I don't love the file cabinet in my house when it can go bye-bye once empty. These fun games will not be happening during NaNoWriMo- I fear sleep won't either. :( Did I tell you that I do my best work when the family is asleep?
  5. It made me so happy to hear my youngest daughter singing a song she learned at Sunday school this past week.   "Lord you are more precious than silver. Lord you are more costly than gold. Lord you are more beautiful than diamonds, and nothing I desire compares with you."  Amen!
Wishing you all a wonderful week!


  1. I also get a thrill when I hear my children sing praises to God. That is a beautiful song.

    I think the next task for me, which seems so daunting would be my garden for spring. I've never done it before. So, I have a lot to think about and do. Ha! It may just be a wee one. Who knows?

  2. Wow. 50,000 Words! That's a lot of writing. But once you get going, I am sure you will do awesome. I bet it was wonderful hearing your daughter sing.

  3. God Morning, Ms. Patrice. So happy to hear about your writing and the goal you've set for yourself...I know you'll meet it!! Maybe you could post a little video of your daughter singing sometime. I'm headed over to answer your questions....HOPE you have a great day!!!

  4. ....p.s....love the words to the song your daughter sang....AWESOME!!! HE is more precious than ANYTHING and absolutely nothing in this world compares to HIM!!

  5. I've been known to get a lot of work done in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping.

  6. Hi Patrice, playing along this week; loved your answers especially #5. I'm burning daylight, chores await so bye for now.

  7. Hello Patrice, I found your blog via Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm. What a blessing to hear your young daughter sing these beautiful lyrics! I hope to join in later today. I've joined your blog as a follower and look forward to visiting. Mildred (Georgia)

  8. I'm not sure whether to call you brave or crazy. LOL I'm going with courageous and confident and YOU CAN DO IT!!!! WooHoo! I can't wait to see what you turn out!

  9. I just stopped by, but can't stay...I will try to come back tomorrow. I am getting ready to go on the road with Bill. I never went on one of his trucking trips...I will be gone awhile! He is usually out 4 weeks or more!
    Patrice, thank you for the beautiful comment on my piece called "Hope". You suggested I share it here, so I am...
    McGuffy's Reader
    I will be back. I love you all!

  10. Thanks, Patrice. I am following your blog now and will look forward to joining in the fun next week. You and all the participants have been so kind. Mildred

  11. I love hearing kids worship! I can't wait to hear about your writing challenge - sounds like a lot of work, but also rewarding! Have a great rest of your week Patrice!


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