Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 63

Everyday Ruralty
Hello, friends. We had a busy weekend this past week. C.S.Farmer held his high school reunion on the farm. It started with coffee and a huge array of pastries.We turned my favorite white barn into a chapel and had a worship service on Sunday morning, complete with a praise band and a harpist(and hay bales as seats).  Following that, we had a lunch of pulled pork, cornbread, and hot dogs on the grill. There were desserts everywhere! The crew then moved their chairs, raincoats, and a few blankets to a nearby field where D3 and her dad had dug a fire pit. We had a bonfire, complete with marshmallows and fun. We got rid of some old wood and entertained at the same time. What's not to love about this!?

Wendell's friend, Rocky, came  up lame just before the weekend (Murphy's law?). It turned out he has an abscess near his hoof. We are treating it and he's slowly getting better. D2's dog, Amy Blue has bronchitis. She gets it every year when it gets cold. We're treating that too. We believe our pet lamb may have a broken leg. It was dark last night, so we will check her out this morning. Please pray for little Pep. She's a sweet lamb and D3 and D4 love her- actually, we all do. Three family members finished passing around a rotten cold just before the reunion- talk about timing. Now, Wendell would like to talk to you.

I'm worried about my friend Rocky. His buddy, Ricky, has to depend on me since Rocky is his "seeing eye dog- uh, horse". It is a daunting task. I was at the reunion on Sunday. I don't like reunions. People who come to them bring little boys. They're noisy and they scared me. They tried to feed me weeds (city kids) and they poked at my nose! Yuck! I don't like reunions. Molly let D3 ride bareback to show off her side passes. They petted her. Molly must be brave. I don't like reunions. They didn't even have enough social graces to bring the handsome horse a carrot! Blah-blah-blah...

  1. Do you like to have a variety of handbags, or are you happy with one old favorite?
  2. Do prefer to have your hair long or short?
  3. Are you doing any crafts for fall?
  4. What's your favorite sweetener to use?
  5. Tell me something interesting.
My answers:
  1. I like to switch them out with different outfits, but I'm always running late, so it doesn't get done very often. I also manage  only move part of what I need, so I'm always without that important thing that SHOULD be in my purse. The idea is great, but I flunk in practice. :)
  2. I have had both and I still enjoy longer hair. One of the gals at the reunion had a short haircut that was one of the nicest I've seen in a long time. I was glad to have reunion pix, so one day I can take a pix to my stylist and have that cut. One day...
  3. Not yet. I've been to busy getting ready for the reunion.
  4. I like stevia and raw honey. Organic evaporated cane is what I use for baking, if not honey.
  5. My house is a train wreck after being so busy last week. Any surprises? I'm also really happy that we had my college girl home on fall break. She was here for the reunion, and has had her best friend (who  I love- awesome girl!!!)around a lot. D3 had her best friend around on the weekend. I love when my house is busy and full of happy people. What a blessing!


  1. Bless your precious heart...you probably feel like you need a vacation about now. HOPE all the sickness goes away and you can get some rest. I'm headed back over to Jeremiah 29:11 to answer your questions of the week. HOPE you get some rest and you have a great week!!!

  2. Sounds like reunion time has kept you busy. I loved the purse question. When I have special plans, I always sit down the night before and do my nails and change out my purse to get ready for the "big day." Now that Hubby and I have Date Day every Friday, I get to look forward to changing purses on Thursday nights.

  3. sounds like the kind of reunion i'd like to attend. :) hope you and all your animals can get better!

  4. i love the mental picture of your barn turned into a worship service.

  5. Your barn worship service sounds wonderful.

  6. The reunion sounds like it was fun. The housework will always wait when there are more important thing going on. Some of my favorite memories are when my house was full of the kids and their friends.

  7. i'll have to try one of those sweeteners you mentioned for baking

  8. I had to change my blog address i am now writing under Rockin Jays @ myfamilyjaysactivity.blogspot.com so you can find Janice there now. I hope everyone gets well quickly praying for the the whole farm :))

  9. Good questions and enjoyed your answers, Patrice. I just bought a handbag and am getting ready to return it. It wasn't quite large enough for me but it's a beautiful lime green leather.

  10. Hi. I have just come across this blog, and wanted to take part in the chats.


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