Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 62

Everyday Ruralty
Welcome to my porch! I hope you have a light-weight sweater with you this morning. It'll get warmer in the afternoon, but the mornings have been cool. Some of the trees are beginning to change color, but just a little bit. I'm happy to see pumpkins at the stores, farm stands, and roadside stands. Maybe it's just me, but there's something friendly about pumpkins. I guess it's always been fun to use them to decorate, then bake them into something yummy. 
  1. If you could instantly play a musical instrument, which one would it be?
  2. Do you have a fireplace, wood-stove, or pellet-stove?
  3. What's your favorite addition to brownies?
  4. Do you use much bottled water?
  5. How much did you weight as a newborn?
My answers:
  1. I'm crazy about the harp and that it would be my number one choice. D2 is a harpist and  the music around the house is so lovely. Unlike a violin or a tuba, early days of the instrument are easy to listen to.
  2. We have a wood-stove and a pellet-stove. The wood-stove makes a thin coat of dust over everything. The pellet-stove is incredibly noisy. I'd prefer to not use either, but the forced hot air (electric) is barely warm. The two stoves are very warm- dusty and noisy, but warm.
  3. I like cheesecake brownies. Chocolate chips and chopped pecans are a nice addition.
  4. I'm trying not to use them. They make a huge burden on our planet. Plus, I have recently read this blog post and I'm really re-thinking bottled water. (This is part 4 of a series on the topic.) We have stainless steel water bottles for the family.
  5. 8lbs1oz That's huge compared to most of my babies!
Have a beautiful week!


  1. Hey! It has been a while since I linked up on this. I guess since school started up, I can't seem to find the time to do it. Perhaps I can answer here?

    1. I love the sound the violin and cello make. I think the violin would win though.
    2. We have a pellet stove and two gas log fireplaces.
    3. Nuts are the best addition because it keeps my husband away from them.
    4. No, we don't use much bottled water. We have a filtered water system in our home. Only time we use bottled is during power outages and travel.
    5. I weighed about 8 and 13. I have had two children come in at and around that. One a pound heavier and two around 8 pounds.

    Great questions this time around. Is it raining over where you are? Our gutters are overflowing here in Amissville. :)

  2. Oh, I love the sound of the harp. I bet it is beautiful when she plays.

  3. Cheesecake brownies....yummy!!! Wanted to stop by and say "hi" to one of my sweetest blogging friends. HOPE you have a great week!!!

  4. I would play the mandolin. A classic Bluegrass instrument. We have a wood stove that I LOVE during the winter. Chocolate chips in brownies are the best!

  5. That is nice, you were a big baby. I didn't know your stove was noisy and dusty. I guess I never thought about it.
    Very nice questions, I will be back later to link up.

  6. I agree with the wood stove being very dusty, incredibly dusty. We have a wood stove and a fireplace but never use the fireplace anymore as the flue needs repairs.
    You make me want to choose the harp. I was going to say the violin since I have one. The only addition to the brownie that I would add are my teeth.
    I don't use bottle water because I don't agree with paying so much for water in a plastic bottle and the exploitation of our water resources. I only drink water from large bottles in emergencies.
    You were a good weight at birth. I have no idea how much I weighed at birth.


  7. i don't do bottled water - have been very glad to live in places with good water straight from the tap.

    walnuts in brownies! :)

  8. OH i LOVE THE HARP ALSO :] cheesecake anything is yummy thanks for lending us your porch and being such a wonderful host have a fantastic week!!!

  9. I like the harp too, and the violin, and listening to my daughter play her guitars. My pick, though, is the piano.

    Have a blessed rest of your week!

  10. i don't even know what a pellet stove is... mmmmmmmmmm cheesecake brownies sound good


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