Friday, September 21, 2012

Nature's Weavers

I recently went out in the morning to find so many spider webs that I wondered if we were being cocooned in webs. My entire house wrapped in thin threads miraculously spun by spiders. I'm not a fan of spiders in the house, but I have no problem with them outside.

I remember reading All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum. He had one story where a lady left her house to, as I remember, go running. She immediately began to move her arms in funny ways around her face and head. She had apparently run into a large spider web. I don't know about you, but I've done that- and I think about Mr. Fulghum's story whenever it happens. He tries to get the reader to see things from the perspective of the hungry spider. especially when the spider realizes how very large his "catch" actually is. It's a very funny piece of writing. I read several of his books after this one and found them to be enjoyable. I haven't read anything of his recently, but these webs made me remember this delightful story.

Regardless of how you feel about spiders, I bet you'll agree that it's fascinating that they can weaver such incredible patterns just from their instincts.


  1. what a fantastic post

    thanks 4 the wonderful web photos

    i walked into a spider's web last week on my way from the house to the car

    i hope none of the neighbors saw me flapping my arms in panic in case the spider was still attached

  2. Despite how badly I destest spiders, the photos of the webs are beautiful. And I really appreciate that there wasn't a big hairy spider on any of them. But yet, I still find myself itchy just looking at the webs Lol

  3. Beautiful! As a spinner, knitter and weaver, I find spider webs even that much more fascinating.

  4. really beautiful. i always hate to run into these - not only my own flailing, but i hate to ruin such hard work.

  5. Hi Patrice, I'm always amazed at the assortment of web patterns that can be found in nature. They can crochet without purchasing a pattern, hook or thread. God has equipped them to do the job. I'm sure that humans have learned to crochet by imitating the spider's work. We learn so much from nature. Thanks for sharing these great pictures with us. Have a great weekend. JB

  6. What lovely spiderwebs. They have always fascinated me too. You took some really nice pictures of them.
    Yes, I do that dance to because I hate walking through them because ours are Black Widow webs and they are tough to get through. Then to get them off.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  7. Those are awesome pictures. We have a huge one right outside out back door between the porch and a shepherd's hook. Isn't there an old wive's tale about spider webs vs. long, cold winters?!?!? I'll have to research that!!! HOPE you have a great weekend!!!

  8. Very beautiful pictures! I find the web marvelous. My mom had an amazing web off her front porch, but the people who came to do the siding messed it up.

  9. One evening when the horses first arrived in Ohio I was sitting quietly while they were munching hay and I watched a really large spider make a web from start to finish in about 2 hours. It was in the corner of a door frame (big barn door) and it was beautiful and fascinating. After he/she finished I swear I could hear a "sigh" from the spider as it then sat. Lovely post and pictures.


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