Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Making a Jousting Lance

My horsey daughter has taken up jousting. No, she does not wear metal armor. No, she does not knock someone else off a horse. She jousts with a pointy lance to spear rings held on arches. It's a very popular sport on the East Coast.There are clubs for jousters, and many tournaments one can participate in, if one's mother wishes to be driving all over hither and hill!!! Many people have only seen jousting at Renaissance Festivals or at a popular restaurant that has a Medieval theme. Both of those have opponents. The type of jousting that's popular here has only the tiny ring as a challenge. Staying on your horse while you try to spear the ring can be worth trying too!

There aren't many places to get a jousting lance (spear like thing for getting those rings). The ones I found online were a bit pricey. So, I decided to make my own. Right, Patrice. You're afraid of power tools!
I called my wonderful friend, Laurie. She's a fantastic woodworker. She makes turned pens, and has furniture in her house that she has made. I'm not talking pallet things or 2 by 4 creations- I mean really beautiful pieces. She's now doing art worthy furniture. AMAZING chairs with beautiful and unique wood.

She was so wonderful about helping me. Read: Doing it for me while I stood by trying to feel useful and not hide under her beautiful furniture when she turned the power tools on!

This is what I brought to Laurie to make the lance.

She marked everything to get it so it was "just right".

She cut the broomstick with her band saw. This is her workshop!

She measured everything! Here she's getting the wooden pole straight 
so she could use a drill press to make a hole at the end for the knitting 
needle that would be the spear tip.

She sanded the end to round it. Wendell wondered if this machine
could give him a manicure.

Then she used some strong glue to put that knitting needle
in the tip.

I will show you the finished lance in the next post, when I show you Jousting Tournament pictures.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the lance, but it's a lovely jewelry 
box that Laurie made for her friend. She's AMAZING! The picture
barely does this gorgeous piece justice.  The burled wood makes
it so lovely! Too bad I wasn't there to help with this:)
Patrice. You can  get out from under the couch now. The power tools are off.
We did a great job, didn't we Laurie. I'm going home to Wendell now.
Shaking? No. I must just be cold.

Many thanks to Laurie for making D3's dream of Jousting a reality!

*** Stop by  tomorrow to see my blog about jousting practice.


  1. i SO admire folks who are crafty and skilled with tools, woodwork, fabric, yarns, whatever. :)

  2. Wow, Patrice. Your daughter is one smart girl having her own work shop and it looks well equipped. Never heard of that sport. Interesting.


  3. Wow she would be a handy person to know. I used to do that when I was a girl. It was fun but I learned to let go of that pole when it stuck in something that didn't move. :)
    Very nice.

  4. What amazing work :o) Your friend certainly is talented - daughter too of course!
    Rose H

  5. Oh, what talent your friend has....and what an AWESOME workshop!!! Can't wait to see the jousting pictures!!!

  6. This is sooo cool! I always wanted to have a Rennaisance (sp? Isn't that sad I can't figure out if I spelled it right, and neither can this spell check!) fair when I taught English, but I never was courageous enough to do it on my own! Can't wait to see the next pictures!


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