Friday, September 28, 2012

Jousting Tournament

Here is a video of D3's Jousting Tournament. Please turn your sound down before running it. My camera only makes annoying noises, and nothing much was said anyway.

This was a first for both horse and rider. There are three rounds and the riders have the potential of getting three rings each round. The beginner and novice classes aren't timed. After the three rides, the riders with all nine rings go again until someone wins by getting the most rings. The pro classes are amazing and they spear those tiny little rings like they are hula hoops!

I attempted to fin an interesting film on videos for you by going to the land of uploaded videos. I didn't find target jousting, but instead found that some folks joust with bicycles, ATVs, and even grocery carts. ???


  1. I think that would be something interesting to watch. She did good.

  2. Very cute horse (and rider!). I think they did GREAT!

  3. Thanks for the interesting little video. Riding with one arm while holding that long pole must take getting used to. Good job. You must be proud of your daughter's bravery and ability. JB

  4. I think that would make my arm cramp up!!! I know nothing about jousting, but her form looks great!!!

  5. Wow! I don't know much about this, but she looks great. What an interesting sport to try.

  6. That reminded me of a scene from that movie...what's it called? With Heath Ledger? Crap....Oh yeah, A Knight's Tale. When he was practicing he was doing something like that. Or else I'm making that up. Aging and the mind do not go well together. LOL I'm going to email you!


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