Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Window Quilts

We recently had the laundry room/bathroom renovated. I finally have a shower available for everyone who works outside and comes in dirty. I really like having the washer and dryer there too. For many years, I trekked to the basement to do laundry.

The windows installed in the laundry room have frames that are some type of plastic or vinyl. They are set in so close in the corner that they practically touch. I wanted to install curtains for privacy, but the frames won't allow a curtain rod. Shades are out of the question since I wanted the sun to be able to shine in from the top of the window.

Years ago I saw some window quilts that someone had installed. They had put them in a mudroom /bathroom, mainly to make it warmer. I've often thought of them with some of our leakier farmhouse windows, but I've never tried them. They seemed like the perfect solution for  the newly renovated room. They allow privacy, but still let light in.
I had to make six panels to cover all of the windows. The blue and
green butterflies go well with the green paint.

I used a product called "Decor" by  the folks who make
Velcro. The strip with the hooks goes on the window frame
with an adhesive. You just position it and stick it in place.
The soft, loop strip gets sewn onto the fabric.

I'm very happy with the outcome of this project. I can change the quilts if I wish to change the colors. Best of all, I get my privacy and my sunshine too!


  1. I love them! My grandmother needed these when we were growing up. Her laundry room was near the road and you could see in when you were driving by. The windows were real tall. She liked having the sun shine in but didn't like that everybody could see in. These would have been perfect.

  2. What an awesome idea!! I've never heard of window quilts. I did use one once for a shower curtain. HOPE you have a great day, my friend!!!

  3. Brilliant, Patrice! I remember "warm windows" and they ARE a great idea! You did a beautiful job!

  4. What a great idea! My stepmother was an amazing quilter when she was alive, we must have a few dozen of them! My aunt has taken the torch and I may ask her to do something like this for our farmhouse as well! I love it!

  5. They look very nice. I am glad you got your washer and dryer where you like it now. I am sure the new windows will be such a blessing.
    You are so creative.

  6. Hi Patrice,

    That is an awesome idea! I love that fabric too. :)

  7. OH they are so cute I love the color patterns very clever ;]

  8. They are very cute! Love the idea.

  9. Beautiful! Very nice touch for a room that also involves a lot of work so you get to see beautiful fabric!


  10. What a perfect solution! They look great. This may be a perfect solution for my half bath! Thanks for the great idea!

  11. I've been thinking along these very same lines! In our old farmhouse, with the extreme heat we've had this summer (worst ever!).. I took blankets and quilts and clothespinned & clipped them over the windows/curtains/shades a few weeks ago. Not very pretty, but highly effective during those worst days. I like your option a whole lot better! Thanks for the inspiration - very pretty too I might add! -Tammy


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