Friday, August 3, 2012

Help! Two Dogs Left at Party

Last week we had a big party to celebrate the one year anniversary of Chats on the Farmhouse Porch. It was fun. Lots of people brought their pets. I'm afraid two are still at my place. Would you help me notify their owners?

*** The Real Story-
My dear daughter, D2 is a self trained artist. She is  the one giving the pet portrait that was the grand prize for the party. Prior to the party she did two small watercolor paintings of the pets as gifts for Empty Nester and Homeschool on the Croft. They don't know about the paintings.

What I'd like you to do, is to visit their blogs and comment telling them their dog is over at Patrice's. Help me surprise them. Please! I think it will be such a giggle for them to come over to my blog to see what the heck everyone is talking about. Please help me. This will be fun!

Empty Nester, Tucker is here:
Tell Tucker's mom so he can go home: you can comment here.

Homeschool on the Croft, Jackson is here:
Tell Jackson's mom so he can go home to Scotland: you can comment here.

Thanks to everyone who participates and makes this fun!
Empty Nester and Homeschool on the Croft- you have a small print of the above paintings that will be sent to you next week. D2 wants to keep the originals. They are the size of a large postcard. Enjoy!


  1. This will be great fun. Sure... I'll go to their sites and tease them about their dogs!

  2. I told them both!

  3. Beautiful art! I left comments for both. Fun idea Patrice

  4. Oh Patrice!!!! I cannot believe it! Thank you to all who left me a comment - I had visitors all day and wasn't online, so here's me coming to see Jackson as a teeny weeny baby. He's soooooo cute! That daughter of yours is such a talented young lady. I cannot get over that picture. Thank you so, so much for this. Jackson is prouder than you can imagine!
    But ... you'd better send him home now ;) Oh, hang on - no, don't send him home - give me an excuse to come across to you!

  5. Very creative art! thanks for the visit please email me with any questions

  6. Too cute! Love the idea...Sent messages to both.

  7. O.M.G. Are you KIDDING?! That is FANTASTIC! Molly says it's the most awesome thing EVER! She's right! I'm so surprised!!!!!! We're all sitting here going crazy right now! AwesomeAwesomeAwesome!!!!! Thank you! BOTH of you! OMG! BEST. SURPRISE.EVER.

  8. Your daughter is so talented and recipients are obviously delighted. :)

  9. The paintings are so beautiful they are going to love them wow!! I hope to win one next time.

  10. Your daughter is amazing talented!!! What a sweet blessing for your friends to get these precious prints of their puppies! They are both so good!!!

  11. That was fun. I was late, but oh well. :) Your daughter has amazing talent. So nice to see in someone her age. :)


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