Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 55

Everyday Ruralty
Welcome to the porch. Wendell is sitting right next to me. He says he's trying to learn to use a laptop. I keep reminding him that hooves instead of fingers might be a problem. He suggested the hens in his pasture, since they have long toes. Great! I have a horse that wants a secretary. Isn't that what you are, Patrice?

I would have flowers on the table, as we visit on the porch. These are in one of my hand-built pottery vases. I hope to one day have a pottery kiln so I can go back to one of my creative outlets. I guess putting flowers on the table with a certain horse around might be a problem. Moi? I'm offended. Besides, they don't taste that good anyway!

I hope everyone's doing well as we approach the end of summer. It's still hot, but I just feel fall around me. The days are shorter than the middle of summer, so maybe that's what I'm noticing.

I will post the finished pet portrait this week before we send it to its new home.
Forgive the set-up of these questions. I fixed them four times and Blogger kindly rearranged them for me.
You need to have the hens help you next time.
  1. What was your biggest fear as a child?
  2.  Who taught you to cook?
  3.  Do you have a lot of books in your home?
  4.  Do you like carrot cake? Patrice says frosting is good on top. If you like that cake, what kind of frosting do you like best? On top? Hmm. I guess you wear it like a hat.
  5.  What's did the last funny t-shirt you read say? (It doesn't have to reflect your personal feeling about the topic, just be funny and family friendly.)

My answers:
  1. I was the youngest kid, by a number of years. My parents were older. Had little friends and classmates not mentioned it, I probably wouldn't have come up with this one, but I was afraid my parents would leave me an orphan. Their age never dawned on me until other kids asked.
  2. First, my grandmother. Then the kitchen staffs at my parents' friends' houses. I know it sounds weird, but I was the military brat of a high ranking officer, and I was dragged to lots of parties with professional cooks. The people in the kitchen were much nicer to me than the wives of the officers.
  3. Tons! I'm trying to clear out some of them just so we have a more reasonable amount. As much as we love them, they take lots of space.
  4. Yes. Cream cheese frosting is great. I also make a caramel frosting that goes great with carrot cake.
  5. It said "Don't flatter yourself cowboy. I was looking at your horse."


  1. Love the flowers. They are very cheery. It is rainy and gloomy here today. Tell Wendell letting the chickens type is a good idea. The only problem I see is that the Chats may run late since the chickens would type using the hunt and "peck" method. LOL.

  2. Hi Patrice!
    Caramel frosting on carrot cake? Yum! I'll have to try it!
    That's a great metaphor for party advice: find the people who are the cook staff types, not the officer's wife types.
    Please give Wendell a sugar lump from Pom Pom.

  3. It always amazes me at what your life was when you were a kid.
    Great questions this week. Thank you.

  4. Love what your t-shirt says. What I wouldn't give to be mentored by professional chefs LOL, you lucky girl.

    Thanks for hosting :) Great questions as always.

  5. Oh, I had to laugh at the 'don't flatter yourself...' comment on the t-shirt!

  6. The vase is so pretty....maybe you could make one for the next give-a-way!!! ;-) I love cream cheese frosting, too. Thanks for letting me join in!!!

  7. that is a beautiful vase! love the flowers you put into the vase design itself!

  8. Love the vase and pottery was one of my favorite classes in high school I took it 3 years. I think it would be nice to have had the chef experience for cooking. Thanks for the chats and glad to have Wendell along today. I got the ear-rings thank you they are lovely such a pretty blue :))

  9. The flowers were so cheery this morning and the 'don't flatter yourself' made me laugh! It was a great day on the porch. Thanks for hosting and have a great day!

  10. Love that t-shirt! I need to purge some books too. Speaking of---I'm reading the ladybug farm book---the first one, and I keep putting you, me and Kim in their places! Although I would have very little to bring to the table- I think it would be so much fun to do something like that!

  11. LOL! I love that t-shirt saying! So cute!


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