Friday, July 27, 2012

One Year Chats Anniversary- Day 4

Everyday Ruralty

I can't believe that we're on day #4 of celebrating the one year anniversary of Chats on the Farmhouse Porch. I've had such fun reading all of your responses. Wendell is basking in the glory of all the attention. He's also sleeping in. So- you have a post from me today. Patrice- Did you say something? <grumble-snore> No, Wendell. Go back to sleep. zzzzzzzzzzz Now that he's back to sleep, we can talk about today's part of the party.

While parties can be fun, I often find that they have times when you can relax and really connect with friends. There's time for food, conversation, and activities, but I'm talking about the gentler times when you wander away from the crowd and breathe. After a round of fun, I like to unwind. It's a time when you might find someone else who wants to do the same. Here are things I've found myself doing at parties or get-togethers that are often more meaningful than the event.
- a quiet walk on a beach, or through a garden (we have a creek that allows a quiet walk)
- time picking wildflowers
- time on an inviting porch swing, or even a swingset (if it holds adults)
- moments sharing pictures or a scrapbook
- a while sitting on a straw bale talking (really talking- not just the social face that we take to events with us)

4. You've had good food, your picture taken with Wendell, and you shook your bootie dancing. What would you like to do now? Would it be "me" time(and that's okay) or would you like to have some time with a friend?

GIVEAWAY - Grand Prize
I was going to have the grand prize on Saturday, but I decided that Friday would be better in case you are busy this weekend.

Today's giveaway will be a custom pet portrait of one animal. It will be done in watercolor. You will receive a print from her painting.The size will probably be a 5x7, but nothing bigger than an 8x10. It will be done by my daughter who I featured in this blog post.

Here are some examples of her work:
copyright 2012 Everyday Ruralty

copyright 2012 Everyday Ruralty

copyright 2012 Everyday Ruralty

To Enter:
1. Follow this blog.
2. Either link to today's post or answer question 4 in comments.

Winners from all giveaways this week will be drawn on the 29th. I will notify everyone who wins. For this giveaway, the winner will be required to supply a photograph of the pet they want  in the painting. Your photo will not be used for any other purpose, but I will post the finished piece of art on this blog so that everyone can enjoy it.

Have a Wendell Day!
Today, that might mean taking a nap. Wen is exhausted from being the life of the party. :)lol


  1. Normally, I'd say it's ME time. However, since the party is at your place, I'd prefer some Patrice time! Just walking around and taking in the beauty of your farm, hearing all about your lovelies and looking through your scrapbooks, feeding Wendell carrots...

  2. And, BTW, if I could chose something to win, it would be today's wonderful prize!

  3. Oh my gosh - today's prize is the most excellent!!!

    I love me time, but I also often don't feel like I have enough friends in my life that really listen to me. Have you ever wanted to find that person that asks YOU questions about yourself and then really listens when you tell them? I think this is where some people feel the most lonely. We all share this big beautiful world and although sometimes I love experiencing it alone there are other times when being with someone else can provide that needed something. I think all of us that blog are seeking that in some way or the other.

  4. What an awesome prize! Your daughter is so very talented. As for the answer to question #4....can I have my cake and eat it, too?!?!? I would love to wander around your farm alone for a while, just enjoying God's creations and taking it all in....with my little point and shoot camera in hand. Then....I would love to sit with Ms. Mary and chat with her a while. And, not to be selfish....which I already have been, huh?....I would like to sit with you, Ms. Patrice and swing in the shade and sipped iced tea and just talk!!! What a relaxing time this is gonna be!!!

  5. I'm an introvert, so it would definitely be some "me" time away from the crowd, especially if you have such wonderful gardens to walk around. Whenever I'm in a place with lots of people I end up getting away so I can be mentally refreshed. It's just who I am.

  6. This is easy...I would love to spend time with all of your critters! I just spent time with you & your friends, so I would have to do this. You know how I love critters! :)

    Thank you for all that you & Wendell do!

  7. Your daughter is so talented, beautiful work!! I think for quite time I would like to walk around the farm but I would like to do it with you!! I would love for you to point out all the special things on the farm and maybe share a story or two. Then I would love to have some one on one time with Deb, that would be wonderful. Walking around meeting everyone and just having some quality fellowship, that would be nice. I almost forgot, I would love to meet Wendell and talk to him for a while. This would be a great party! You're a great hostess Patrice!!

  8. This has to be the best prize ever! I so want it. I think I would like you & Wendell to show me & Shooz around your farm. Then once we found just the right spot next to that creek you were talkin' about, you & I would have a great laugh as we watched my tiny little Shooz (he's a 5 pound Yorkie) try to "herd" Wendell...

  9. It is always fun to be in the middle of all the action at a party. But honestly after awhile, it is nice to wander away from the action with a friend or two for a quiet chat or sit back and people watch.
    Patrice, you have really gone over the top with your grand prize - AMAZING!!

  10. Your daughter is very talented!

  11. Patrice, your daughter is so talented and you must be so proud of her and rightfully so. Sorry that I haven't been around much lately. My life has been rather busy at work and I'm working late house cleaning before my girls come for a family visit in a few days. I have lots to catch up to.

    I love a good party when I'm not tired but after a hectic week, I kind of like sitting on the swing and sip on a cold beer and maybe chew on carrot sticks just to keep Wendell interested in me, hehehe.

    Your giveaway is rather awesome. I have lots of animals but no pets.


  12. I'm not 'entering' even though I'm commenting, but had to say that your daughters work is amazing. What a talent she has!

    Oh, and I would *love* that downtime at a party. I would especially love to sit with just one other person and *really* talk - chit chat is fine for a wee while, but then I really want to get to *know* someone - what makes them tick, what has shaped them .... that sounds soooo good :)

  13. We're at a campground in Wyoming. The Internet leaves a bit to be desired. It is so slow I'm not sure If I can put a post up and link to your's so I'll at least leave a comment!
    At a party, I definitely want to visit. I want to find out everything about everybody. I want to talk - talk - talk... 'cause I know when the party is over, I may not see my friends again.
    Tucker is smiling his prettiest smile... he says he wants to win at the grand prize. Gypsy is pouting. She wants her picture done!

  14. love the drawings I said this before when you posted some and she does keep getting better :)) I got in on the 1 st part of this party but I started treatments and well I was not feeling up to doing anything during my 48 hr stay in hospital so I hope WENDELL and the others know I was there in spirit and I can not wait to chat on the porch as I feel better :] was ther any buggy rides that could have been an option for me to attend LOL see ya all soon!

  15. Definately me and the hubs time!


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