Thursday, July 26, 2012

One Year Chats Anniversary- Day 3

Wendell looks so good in his red party hat. Here he comes now.

W: Patrice! I need to go to the store. We need to hurry.
P: What's so important, buddy?
W: I need to go to a baby store.
P: Why in the world do you need to go to a baby store?
W: I need booties.
P: Excuse me? Booties?
W: Yes. Now hook up the horse trailer. We need to hurry.
P: I'm not hooking up the trailer until you tell me why you need booties.
W: I love you, Patrice, but some time you can be so dense! We are having a party here with our good friends. I want to turn on the music and shake my bootie.

Okay, everyone. You heard it here first. Wendell wants to dance at the party. So, here's our next question.

3. What kind of music should we play at the party? Are there any particular dances you like? 


W: Oh, look! Patrice is giving away a butterfly and a banana.
P: Wen, I'm giving away the bowl with a butterfly on it. I got it at one of my favorite shops when the girls and I went shopping. The banana is only there so they can see the scale of the bowl. That way they know the size.
W: You could have used a carrot instead.
P: Then I would have had a big horse nose in the bowl.
W: There are some naughty horses around these days. Even a carrot is unsafe.
P: Carrots aren't safe around here. Right, Mr. Carrot eater?
W: Oh, Patrice. I'm wounded by your comment.

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Have a Wendell Day!

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are just hilarious, aren't you Wendell!?

    Let's see, what music is appropriate for a horse with a sense of humor that wants to shake his bootie? Well, a hoedown of course! That way we can all shake our partners and dosey doe! LOL!!

    Have a great evening!

  2. Wendell, you can do the two step (times 2)! We'll have a grand time!

  3. What a sweet post and a beautiful horse!

  4. Isn't Wendell so thoughtful? Cute butterfly!

  5. Is my husband helping Wendell with these one liners? LOL Love the dish!

  6. Wendell, Wendell, you are funny!! I love all music and I love to dance. I am a Texan though, so a little country music would be nice. As for dancing, this old girl is too old for anything too fast, how something nice and easy!!

  7. Well, I can't dance anymore, but I love most music. Country music is great!

  8. Wendell, you're such a comedian!!! I've never been much of a dancer, so it would need to be something slow that I could just sway along to!!! Ms. Patrice, the bowl is gorgeous!!! I'm so looking forward to seeing who wins your great goodies!!!

  9. I love Wendell's sense of humor... and I am now imagining a horse in baby booties. Lol.

  10. Hey Wen, let's shake our bootie together! The rest of you ladies can do the same. I LOVE to dance even if I do look like a chicken. =D This party is going to be so cool because I'm bringing Caitlin Hart to the party. She's a sweetheart! When you visit today's link up, you'll see one of her music videos and what's so neat-o is she is my new friend. ^.^

  11. Wendell is a Hoot! I love reading your blogs. Totally brighten my day.

    Music? Wow - I can see Wendell shakin his groove thing to just about every song. Maybe start off with the Macarena? That always gets everyone on the dance floor. Then maybe the Electric Slide just so us older gals feel remembered. Then throw in a jitterbug! Can't wait to see everyone shaking their bootie!

  12. Hey Wen, I like shakin' my bootie too! I love the 80"s...Oh, does that tell my age? You just can't beat Thriller, Material Girl, Weird Al, doin' the Robot & (trying to) break dance. When we're done with gettin' funky, I'll grab the Man, you grab Patrice & we'll do the Boot Scootin' Boogie 'til the sun comes up.


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