Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 51

Everyday Ruralty

Welcome to the porch. I'm sorry the post is a bit late today, but I had to make a trip to the city. I had a bunch of things to do and a very small time to do anything. I somehow managed to get everything done. I forgot a few grocery items, but I do that sometimes when I'm not in a hurry.

We have had rain on and off for the last few days. Before I became a farmer's wife, I never paid this much attention to rain, or weather forecasts. We pay close attention now since our livelihood depends on it. I hope it saves some of the crops and our hay.

I will post the outcome of the Tropical Traditions Giveaway later today. 

Wendell and I would like to invite you... 
Patrice! I want to tell them. 
Okay, sweetie. Knock your socks off.
I can't knock my socks off. They're part of my legs. 
It's just a figure of speech, Wen.
I'll never understand you humans! Can I tell them now?
Patrice...I don't have a gun. Oh, wait, is that one of those figure things?
Yes. Sorry, Wen. Go ahead and tell them.
Yippee, carrots! Patrice and I will be having a party on this blog next week to celebrate a year of chats. Patrice will have each of you mail me carrots and tell me how wonderful I am.
Wendell! That's not what we planned.
Oh-uh- can't we do that too?
No, Wen. If you can't tell them the real plan, I'll have to tell them.
I can do it. Remember, I have socks. ???Patrice and I are having a blog party. Plan on coming to Everyday Ruralty next week and linking up with us. You can also link up your pets since I'd like them to keep me company at the party. You can even link up your carrots. Wendell! Oops! We will have some fun. There will be prizes, including a grand prize that will be Wendell! If you tell, I won't let you have a carrot for a whole week! Oops! It's a surprise. There will be giveaways and fun things to do.
That's right, friends. We'll celebrate next week. Here are the questions for today.

  1. What's your favorite room in your home?
  2. If you could go anywhere on a vacation, all expense paid, where would it be?
  3. Were you a girl scout or in any similar program?
  4. What's your favorite frozen treat?
  5. Are you NASCAR or the elderly lady with the pillbox hat when you drive?
My answers:
Mine too!:
 1. I love my dining room. It was newly remodeled and the cheery yellow makes it such a great place to be.
 1. I like the hay storage room of the barn, but I'm not sure why.
 2. I would like to go to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales for a month or so. I'd love to take my whole family. Some folks I used to work for did just that. I can only imagine what that cost for 12 people.
2. The grocery store produce aisle would be fun, but I don't know any travel agents.
3. I was a Brownie, but didn't go on to be a Girl Scout since I was painfully shy.
3. I think I would like girl sprouts. That is a vegetable, isn't it?
4. I have always liked ice cream sandwiches. I need to invent a gluten free version.
4. My grassy pasture in the winter.
5. I'm a happy medium, leaning towards the lady. 
5. I don't know much about those two things, but Wendell runs really fast. Zoom! Zoom!


  1. I love my cozy office with blogging potential and flat screen tv! I also want to go to Ireland, Scotland, and England.

  2. You're hilarious! It's well after midnight here, so I wont post my answers until morning. I think I'll have to look back and see when I first joined your Porch chats.... Actually - have I been with you from the beginning (though I've been AWOL at times ;) ?) Hmmm... must go check.
    See you tomorrow !

    Yes, Wendell, I *was* speaking to you, but Mrs P can join in the conversation too ... :)

  3. "Girl Sprouts" LOL That Wendell is a hoot!

  4. Loved your answers....and Wendell's, too! I didn't realize that you're on a gluten free diet. Our baby GRANDson, is also, so our daughter has put their entire family on the diet, too (well, except for when the boys stay with us and they go out to eat, then they cheat)!!! I was diagnosed with a corn allergy and feel so much better when I don't eat it....when I do, I itch...and cough. Isn't that crazy?!? Okay, I got tee-totally off topic!!! Thanks for letting me join!!!

  5. Par-tay! I'll be back for sure next week. lol Thanks for hosting such a fun weekly meme Patrice! ^.^

  6. I'll be back for the party! Wendell can hang with my Dolly!

  7. Yellow sounds like a great color for a dining room. Wish mine were yellow :)

    You think of such interesting questions. Thanks for hosting and have a great rest of the week.

  8. Hey now! (Or should that be 'hay' now) A Par- Tay! WooHoo! I can hardly wait! I just hope I remember. LOL Deanie's favorite color is yellow- it is so nice and bright, just like her! :) Hugs to Wendell and I'll be here next week with bells on!

  9. I don't recall the last time I laughed so hard reading a blog post! You guys are a hoot!!

  10. i had an ice cream sandwich last night. it was delicious.


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