Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch- 1 year Anniversary

Everyday Ruralty

Happy Anniversary to all of us who have met on the
porch for the past year!
I have enjoyed our time together. I've enjoyed getting to know everyone who has linked  or answered in comments. There will be more chats, but today we shall celebrate.
A "chat" stat- In the 51 weeks  that we have met so far, there have been 403 links.

Since I wish I could invite all of my "chats" participants to a real party, I've decided to share what that would look like with you. I would have the party in the back pasture. It's a horseshoe shaped parcel of land, surrounded by tall trees. I like horseshoe shaped land. Very clever of you, Patrice. Can you try for a carrot shaped piece of land? Hi, Wen. Let me get back to my description of the party. 

I would have long tables with straw bales as seats, around the tables. The table cloths would be some old damask cloths. I would have blue canning jars down the center of the table and they'd be filled with small sunflowers in honor of our dear friend, Farm Girl. I would have a special ornament, felted wool critter, or painted wood piece for each guest, at their place with a place card. Let's see, we'd have an owl for Deb, a lady bug for Lady Bug, a sheep for Anne in Scotland 

I'd have a small table where our friend, Cathy Kennedy could share her book with everyone. You could probably get an autographed copy:) It would be fun to have a place where the rug hookers(Farm GirlKimSassafras and Winterberry) could show us all what they do. 

Wendell and I would like you to feel free to link up your post. It's also okay to link up one of your pets. Wendell wants company for the party. He's hoping that his best buddy, Empty Nester will bring her dog, Tucker. He wants Dreaming to bring her dog, Tucker. He says the name confusion might make a good party game. McGuffy must have a cat who would like to visit with him.My kids Mom might be able to bring a kitty, too. He can't wait!
1. What food would you bring with you to the party? Bring enough to share!
Giveaway 1
Courtesy of FarmGirlWrites

To enter:
1. Please be a follower.
2. Either link up or answer the question in comments.

Each day will have a new party question and a new giveaway. I will draw from all of the entries on Sunday the 29th of July. There will be some bigger prizes and a very cool, special one towards the end of the week.
We hope that you will visit us each day.
Have a Wendell week!



  1. Hi Patrice, I'd love to come! Since I'm a follower I'd love to be in on your giveaways too.
    Let's see-I'd bring a quilt to spread over the hay bales so we don't get scratched and I'd bring my puppy Hunter to romp with new friends. I'd also bring a big bowl of Quinoa salad because it is gluten free, so I can have it, and it is so healthy.
    What a wonderful celebration!
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. hi Patrice and Wendall oh the party sounds lovely I got my post up and I forgot to add the carrot salad for Wendall :]
    Thanks for hosting and having us all over for a full year whoa wee thats some fun visits.

  3. Happy Anniversary to two very special friends: Patrice & Wendell! I would bring my 'famous', award winning potato salad, and a bunch of fresh organic carrots for my sweetie, Wendell.
    Thank you for having this Chat every week! I so very much enjoy you both!

  4. Millie and I love a party! I would bring a big carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. That way Wendell would get a carrot treat and it would satisfy my sweet tooth at the same time :)

  5. Oh, it would be so much fun to actually be at a party with all you other ladies....and to get a precious little owlie ornament from you, Ms. Patrice...it would be cherished forever!!! I would bring dump cake....it's sorta my specialty...oh, and deviled eggs...but we could eat the dump cake first!!! ;-)

  6. Anytime I think of outdoors parties, I think of banana pudding. That being said, I think this is what I'd bring - a big bowl of it. I'm pretty certain Wen wouldn't be too fond of banana pudding, so I'd have to bring him some sugar cubes. Horses do like them, right? Thanks for hosting, as always Patrice - you've become such a dear friend to us all! ;)

  7. I am so sorry I missed the party yesterday. I was out sick all day long. Boooo!

    I have a favorite pretzel, strawberry jello, cream cheese dessert that is to die for.

    Wendell - you REALLY need to meet my two girls, Cheyenne and Dolly.

  8. You sure write a good party! :) I'm so excited about winning...I mean, entering, the giveaways! LOL Looking forward to all the fun!

  9. I can close my eyes and see it all. What a wonderful time we would have. I would bring my granddog Spike. He has a rough and tough name but is the mildest dog ever. He would love running and play with the other dogs.

  10. Nothing says summer party to me like a seven layer salad.

  11. I think summer party says mac and cheese casserole. I posted the recipe at my blog. Yeah! The earrings are beautiful...I would love to wear them. Did you make them?

    1. Does Wendell eat Mac and Cheese? Or should I bring a Waldorf Salad to accompany it?

  12. ....p.s...the only animal I could bring would be a dust bunny....would that be ok?!?!? ;-)

  13. ....p.s.s...here's a link to the recipe I use for dump cake....


    It's the easiest cake to make ever...or else I wouldn't be able to do it!!! ;-)

  14. Wouldn't this party be just the best thing! I think I'd bring a dessert - maybe Pavlova. Either that or Lemon Cupcakes.... Hmmm... decisions, decisions!


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