Friday, July 20, 2012

A Little Guy with a Big Crush

Our small pony is Cocoa.. Only one problem- he doesn't know he's small. He thinks big. He has a crush on Molly. He has spent his entire time here at the farm adoring Molly.

I want to share the following video of him. He's kept in a front pasture with his sheep. The three sheep that are in his flock are Hilde, Heidi, and Harry. Molly had spent most of the day trail riding with a very handsome Quarter Horse (Doc), and Cocoa wanted to prove that he was just as good. Unfortunately, my camera isn't sharp enough to capture Cocoa at the end of the video. He ran right into the fence. Oops! What a way to impress a girl!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Why not wish them a Wendell weekend, Patrice? Okay, then:
Wishing you a Wendell weekend!
(That means your weekend might be very silly.)


  1. Oh, I love listening to the clip clop of horse's hooves! That's a spunky pony alright!

  2. ...and you managed to contain your mirth when he met with the fence?!
    What a fun video - I agree with Pom Pom, hearing the beat of the hooves is fun.

  3. Have you ever read that children's book by Walter Farly called Little Black? That is just what it reminded me of to see him running wanting to be like the big horse. In the story the big house is called Big Red. It is just like that.
    Poor guy.
    I hope you have a nice weekend too.

  4. What a cute little thing. He's adorable. Your daughter is quite the rider. Thanks for sharing. JB

  5. Poor Cocoa! I hope he didn't hurt more than his pride. :) Give Wen a hug and tell him I love him! And that I'm having a Wendell weekend!

  6. Cocoa is beautiful. What an adorable video. Hope you have a Wendell weekend also.

  7. If he's not cut, where there's a will, there's a way...LOL!


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