Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thrift Shop Finds 1

Hello, friends. I have a weakness for thrift shops. When one of the girls takes music lessons, I'm right around the corner from one of my favorite clothing thrift shops. When another one of the girls takes music lessons, I'm right around the corner from a little inner-city thrift store that has all kinds of neat things. The city shop usually leaves me feeling like I need a really large bottle of hand sanatizer to cover myself head to toe. The place is cruddy. It's always worth going in there since the bargains are plentiful. Here's what I found this week.

This sweet little tea pot will hold about two cups of tea.

This tea cup was hand-painted. I love the delicate little flowers.

I have a small group of cookie molds, but  I found these three for next to nothing.
He was a 1990 mold.
I LOVE this adorable bunny.
These molds are marked Brown Bag Cookie Art. I checked out the online site and found some wonderful molds. I really want the one of the sheep, cow, horse (for Wendell's carrot cookies), and the one of a cat. As a former, or not-so-active potter, I appreciate the art and work that went into these. Now I have to try making cookies with at least one of them.

Do you have any cookie molds? Have you ever baked cookies using them? Please share with me. I'd love to know.


  1. Your finds are great, I love the hand-painted cup, I used to keep them, too. But the cookie molds! I have never used one, but I'm going to check that website... what a fun thing to give my little grands, and I love to bake! Thanks!

  2. Oh My! What fabulous finds Patrice :o))
    The teapot is a lovely colour.
    I 'found' a brown bag shortbread mould some time ago and have used it quite often, I always a great end product with it. I love yours too, they're so sweet - as I'm certain the cookies will be!
    Happy baking and thrift hunting.
    Rose H

  3. Wow what nice finds. I love the little blue teapot. Nope, never had any cookie molds. I bet they would be fun to use though.

  4. How do you know how much cookie dough to put in the cookie molds? They're sturdy and pretty, too!

  5. I do have Christmas cookie molds but I haven't used them yet. Love yours!!

  6. Love that teapot for sure! And, I use to have some of the Brown Bag Cookie Molds but I was never successful at having them come out like they should. I finally just got rid of them. :o)

    It is amazing the great "find" you can get at a thrift store. Happy week!

  7. I try to stay away from thrift shops! The only cookie mold I have is a cast iron one that makes a 'sleigh full of toys'. I used it a few times when the kids were little.


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